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    Default Got some Aedes vials; Serge Luten, MpG, etc.

    Well, I ordered them over 3 weeks ago, *called yesterday and they Fedex'ed them by evening! *Aedes is a class act

    My impressions:

    1. *MpG's Route de Vetiver--Wow! * You guys weren't kidding when you said it was strong! *The stench settles down after about 3 hours. *Before that, it'd be a good way to interrogate POW's. *Masculine? *Well, *if enduring pain is your definition, *I think that this one works well for women too, *especially if they're in labor. * Mercifully after 4 hours it turns wonderfully animalistic. *Both Tarzan and Jane could wear it.
    *Quite economical, *too. *1/3 oz should last you *decades. *

    2. SMN *Nostalgia: *WHAT A HOOT! *This juice is great, *but if you lack a sense of humor, *buy it at your peril. * I mean c'mon motor oil as a top note? *The (eventual) * leather is excellent. *Smooth and long lasting. * *Blast! *I'll probably get more compliments from leather*wearing John Varvatos but I don't care. *I'm *going to buy this one for myself. * A must have *;D* *

    3. SMN's Vetyver---Don't know, *the vial was empty *:'(

    4. Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental---Quite interesting. *You'd think the amber SL signature *touch wouldn't work here but it does. *Not my favorie Vetiver frag *but *good. *Jeff *wrote the best review *of this one is his great 'Vetiver Redux' post. *Check it out.

    5. SL's Ambre *Sultan.---Don't shoot me, *but I was disappointed. * *Perhaps I was expecting too much. *Smells a bit feminine. * Amberish/ Spice didn't work for me. *I compared it unfavorably to Signature by St. Dupont for oriental spice and Ambre by L'Artisan for amber--- prosaic scents for those of you who buy niche oils from Morocco, *I know. This *didn't work *for me. *Is Arabie about the same? *

    6. SL's *Santal Blanc. * Only one review here in Basenotes *and it's unfavorable. *Well, *I liked it. *doesn't hold a candle to *MpG's Santal Noble, *but not bad. *Might be too light for some tastes. *

    Just my subjective, * albeit brilliant observations. * :

    Cheers, *


    P.S. *Have you tried them?
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    Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

    My Antaeus can beat up your Armani.

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    Default Re: Got some Aedes vials; Serge Luten, MdG, etc.

    Good post. Serge Lutens is the next house I'm planning to look into. Currently, I'm exploring the L'artisan line.

    BTW, I've enjoyed all your reviews on Perfume Emporium. I actually bought Bvlgari Black after reading your review of it. Cheers

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    Default Re: Got some Aedes vials; Serge Luten, MpG, etc.

    Thank you! I think I'll return the compliment and order a decant of Geir. *
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    Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

    My Antaeus can beat up your Armani.

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    Default Re: Got some Aedes vials; Serge Luten, MpG, etc.

    Tried or own four out of six here. The MPG vetiver is excellent in a wet, inundated way, and despite claims to the contrary, it is possible to smell the fruit, along with the sodden mud.

    Ambre Sultan oftentimes becomes textbook basic Italian cooking; the oregano is damn near overbearing and overwhelms the rest. Fortunately, I like this aspect of it and wish it would occur more often. Oddly, at times it also seems thin, of all things.

    Santal Blanc has nothing to do with Santal Noble or most other sandalwood scents. This is one you can pick up on German eBay at a decent price (I got a new bottle for $36.00). It's a skin scent that has very little voice. It really is a background chorus, a muted, peppery one.

    Vetiver Oriental reminds me of a scratchy throat. Tried it five or so times and never could get it to work for me. Too acrid and raspy.

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