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    Default Re: Creed revisited....WHAT ?

    Quote Originally Posted by madgradrx
    [quote author=Trasker link=1131646796/15#25 date=1131729187]As a student of economics and a retailer myself for several 'exclusive' products I would never buy a Creed for 1/2 price. * *If you get one for half price, there is a reason. *Simple as that. *If you don't believe that, I would like to give you a great deal on *Rolex.

    P.S. I should also add that even at NM, because of the quality issue, when I buy a Creed I take it out of the box before I even leave the store and take a wiff.

    Interesting, I see your point but I'm curious if this rationale extends to all products? For instance, a bottle of Gucci Envy that would retail for 60 dollars being sold on perfumebay for 30, would you think it was a bad idea to buy it?[/quote]

    I don't really know how Gucci's fragrance partners handle their business or distribution but I think it would be certain that the bottle you get at perfumebay has been diverted from other sources and at the best, has been sitting around somewhere for awhile. Think about it...if you are asking retailers like Neimen's to sell a bottle of fragrance at $180 a bottle to establish a brand and make a profit, etc.... how can you support the selling of the same bottle through other retailers for half that price? Why on earth would Neiman's go for this? Discounting is a major scourge of retailing and if you are a don't buy from companies that allow discounting of the same product. Ergo...this stuff isn't 'the same'...exactly.

    How its different is open to interpretation I s'pose. I was once told by a Creed flunky that the ebay and discount stuff is old or smuggled...but probably not counterfeit. Lots of it was sitting around in the US distribution warehouse from back in the days when Bond was the distributor. They had a falling out and Creed is distributed elsewhere... instead of destroying the product or sending it has been making its way in the grey markets ever since. Its pretty largely accepted that Creed uses high quality, non-synthetic, and therefore more fragile ingredients. If you want to take your chances on a bottle that has been taking an extra long journey through Moraccan customs on its way to being smuggled into the USA on a ship's container ... go ahead. You may get a decent bottle... but when I have trouble getting a perfect bottle when I go through optimal distribution channels...I wont' risk it.

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    Default Re: Creed revisited....WHAT ?

    I'm not too sure about this whole thing. I have 2 bottles of Creed from a reputable eBay seller: Millesime Imperial and Himalaya.

    In my experience, both bottles are as they should be or better. I received a sample of MI from Aedes in the past and it was exceedingly disappointing. It lasted about 10 minutes and had no depth. I have not owned or tried a retail bottle of Creed, only samples from these bottles.

    Naturally, experts will endorse buying Creed from authorized sources. However, I think it is possible to get a good bottle from overstock or "grey-market" sources. I feel I got two good bottles from eBay, but perhaps it was luck.

    As far as the scent turning, I think it makes sense that natural ingredients will be more volatile. I think much of this has to do with expectations and perceptions. I like to think that fragrances age like fine wines: changing, yet developing a unique character.

    I wonder what Creed has to say about this whole deal. Perhaps Grant will have an interview soon!

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    Default Re: Creed revisited....WHAT ?

    just one more aspect: How sure are we, that the numbers on the back of the box really are DATES??!! I mean, of course, it seems to be like that, because its 2002, 2003, 2004, but once a SA at a small and reputable shop told me these numbers were just some batch identification numbers (or something like that).
    So, my Q: There must be some Basenoters among us who have had Creeds for more than the last two or three years. Chance is, that they have seen boxes with "1999, 1998, etc." on it. I have never seen a post with lower dates than 2002... So, please raise your hands if you have ever seen such a date....

    just a thought,


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    Default Re: Creed revisited....WHAT ?

    I have abput 25 Creed scents - I should still have at least 20 boxes - afew from ebay, afew from an online retailer (discounted), afew from someone who got it from India and the majority from 2 different legit retailers.

    I look at the boxes tomorrow morining and even try to post pics if I find something interesting.

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    Default Re: Creed revisited....WHAT ?

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    Default Re: Creed revisited....WHAT ?

    I have bottles of MI and Himalaya obtained from a reputable eBay seller. Both boxes have 2004 in the date box. Both have Arabic writing near the bottom of the back of the box.

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    Default Re: Creed revisited....WHAT ?

    Quote Originally Posted by rjrober22
    [quote author=rjrober22 link=1131646796/15#15 date=1131666446]Well...I'm back baby!
    and there is a DEFINITE difference between the ones at the boutique and mine....its as if there are no top/middle notes in mine....the almost completely skip the first 2 phases.
    Which they still smell very good to my nose...but when tested side by side....there is no comparison...the fresh pop and brightness of the scent is just not there....oh well.
    Also, the scents at the shop DO have a small script of arabic on them...dates too. (I stand corrected)
    The SA and I went over both sets paying attention to every detail....I do have authentic bottles (it seems anyway with the naked eye)
    However, I feel they lack the "freshness", *Who knows.
    I had to check this out for myself, pitting a bottle of SMW purchased from Neiman's versus one purchased from Creedirect / Bond. Your assessment matches mine exactly, with your description of "it's as if there's no top/middle notes" describing the situation perfectly. The SMW from Neiman's opens up very sharply, with a strong character of lemon / citrus. The bottle from Creedirect seems to go straight to the basenotes. After 30 minutes or so, they both smell more or less the same, though the Neiman's bottle seems to retain a bit more strength.

    I probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't read your post, and compared the two side-by-side. Disappointing indeed, in that the Creedirect bottle is one of those 8 oz monsters!


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    Default Re: Creed revisited....WHAT ?

    I wonder how much stock of Creed products actually remains at Creeddirect/Bond#9.
    When I was in their Bond Street store in September there didn't seem to be very much
    Creed stuff there, at least on display. I did manage to pick up a large (250ml) bottle of
    Vintage Tabarome, and there were around 6 or 8 of those there. There were no bottles of
    Bois du Portugal. All the creed products I saw would fit in a medium-sized kithen pantry.
    Maybe they have a back room or a storage location at one of their other Manhattan stores,
    but I didn't see much left.

    The juice smells fantastic, but I haven't sniffed at Neiman Marcus recently to compare top
    notes. Honestly, even if the top notes differed from a fresher bottle, this bottle at 50% off
    is a great deal, and I know I am much less likely to buy a 250ml bottle at full price.
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    Default Re: Creed revisited....WHAT ?

    i got a decant from my wife of a creed and here is my take. the seller got it from creeddirect. i had gotten a bottle of MI from creeddirect when they first announced their sale, one of MI for me and spring flowers for my wife. had a 2003 date on it. i am using the MI now. as is typical with MI, it smells a bit alcoholly in the bottle at the nozzle. but it wears well. if she went down on the price of the tester, considering the age, id get a bottle of that and GIT

    now my wife's decant of her scent is different than the creeddirect bottle. am i worried, not really as the seller has a great reputation. now the creeddirect bottle smells great, the decant smells a little bit alcoholly. however, it dries down real quick, maybe a couple of minutes to the exact same scent and it is not as potent. dont know what this means, but i am not worried. however, i think my wife was and she told me no more decants for her. it was a great price, but she said no thank you. good thing she only likes two perfumes, and one is not sold much on ebay or at a discount (coco mademoiselle eau de parfum - you can get the edt but be careful)


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    Default Re: Creed revisited....WHAT ?

    Just wanted to add a bit more data. I have two Creed boxes (both legit, purchased at NM).

    ~ MI: "date box" is blank
    ~ Himalaya: "date box" - 2002

    Neither box has any stamps on the bottom flap. On the back panel, both read at the bottom: EMB 77477A. Neither bottle has the "Arabic Writing" that has been reported here.

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    Default Re: Creed revisited....WHAT ?

    My Original Santal box has 2005 on it. Out of the 12 Creeds I have, I purchased Green Valley, Himalaya, and Nerolia Sauvage from Neiman Marcus. The rest smell fine to me, but I did have a bottle of Erolfa a couple of years ago that I traded away that I'm now convinced was either a fake, or gone really bad. It was darker in color, and I was really surprised when I received a sample from Aedes that smelled so fresh. When I went to NM, that's when I noticed the huge disparity in the color of the juice, and asked them to spray some for me. It wasn't completely different, but certainly quite a bit more zesty and bright. Next time I'm there, I'll have to try New Tabarome. I've had my bottle for a couple of years, and it just doesn't do anything for me and now I wonder if perhaps it too is bad.
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