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    Default Undulating Iris Experiences?

    In the review section of Basenotes' Directory Lutens entry for Iris Silver Mist there is not a word of comment. I am really interested to hear of people's impressions of this frag especially how it holds up as a masculine oriented confection.

    A Blind buy of this one may be a risk too far so I offer my appreciation in advance to all who can offer input.



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    Default Re: Undulating Iris Experiences?

    have you read nowsmellthis' review? There are a lot of posts too which could help you. It seems to be a so-so fragrance.

    Also, Luca Turin wrote about it in typepad. Google has more, just search the full name. Hope it helps. My secret love is Iris Nobile from Aqua di Parma. I have not considered wearing it, though.
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    Default Re: Undulating Iris Experiences?

    It's more than a so-so's incredibly beautiful and refined. *It has an exquisite ethereal quality that makes it something special. *There is a *slight metallic edge which for me takes it into the realm of masculine fragrances. *If you love TDC bois d'iris and DIVINE l'homme de coeur, you should love this as well.



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    Default Re: Undulating Iris Experiences?

    First of all, you'll have to be sure that you truly like iris because Iris Silver Mist (Serge Lutens) is a pretty much straightfoward one-dimentional iris fragrance. All you get is a very bitter, earthy and carrot-ish iris from top to bottom. None else added. I believe this is a great testing fragrance because we can sniff it and be able to find out if we really like iris or not. If you really like iris, I recommend you go for something else, though, because Iris Silver Mist is just iris, iris and iris. If you like the transparency part of iris, L'homme de Coeur (Divine) might be interesting for you. They cooked iris nicely and is a very soft and clean masculine scent. You can write to Divine (www.divine.r) and they will send you free samples (L'Homme de coeur, L'homme sage and some other products) though it may take several weeks. If you really really like iris, I would definitely try Bois d'Iris (The Different Company). The iris smells very clean like snow and very transparent like crystal. The earthiness and bitterness is beautifully masked and tamed down by adding some masculine woods. If you like iris, this will be your favorite. Do not waste your time with Iris Poudre (Frederic Malle). This smells like one-dimentional Chanel No.5. Some call it what "Chanel No.5 Pour Homme" would smell like, but in my opinion, there's nothing masculine about it and it's just "Chanel No.5 wannabe or imitation". Hiris (Hermes) also has very distinct iris in its top, but they also added some roses, jasmins and other feminine flowers. If you like iris with feminine flower notes, you might like Hiris, but otherwise, don't worry about it. Dior Homme, believe ir or not, is also an iris-themed fragrance. But this iris is very bare. It's earthy, carrot-ish. and metalic. They added vanilla to soften this untamed iris, and it ends up smelling like baked sweet potato pie overall. Very warm and culinary scent. You have to try it before buying it blindly because you will either like it or hate it.

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    Default Re: Undulating Iris Experiences?

    Thanks to all for the informed and generous input so far. This indeed is the Glory of Basenotes.

    I have called Paris and they are going to send me a solid sample of Iris Silver Mist in their 'Little Book of Perfumes'

    If only Iris were not so mesmerisingly addictive in its many forms I would be so faithful to L'Homme de Coeur which I already have.

    Cheers Guys,


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