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    Default Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme

    I picked up a bottle of this a few months ago and have worn it a few times, liking it but not thinking it all that remarkable.

    Tonight I grabbed the funny bottle with the mohawk haircut on the cap and spritzed it on my chest and wrists. And then, as is the case with so many scents, it suddenly hit me. This is an incredible composition. Lime and benzoin and a hint of Yerba Mate tea all balanced on a long beam of resinous woods. This one is definitely a wrist sniffer. Even as I type this, I have to keep grabbing a little taste.

    I almost hated ordering dinner for fear the aroma of food would mask my sillage but it held its own.

    Who loves this stuff as much as I do?

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    Default Re: Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme

    ME! ME! ME!

    So coincidental you started this thread, as Jungle was my SOTD and I was going to start a thread on how wonderful it is!

    This is a strong, very comforting scent that stays pretty close to the skin, but boy does it stay--unlike some other Kenzos which seem a bit watered down.

    Really, this is one of the best designer fragrances ever. Unlike a lot of strong scents, I never got tired of it during the day, and every whiff I caught was just pure, unadulterated pleasure.

    It's warm...not too sweet...not too musky...NOT "clean and fresh"....masculine but not in a chest hair/gold necklace kinda way...just a deep, relaxing, comforting fragrance that SMELLS GREAT. I can't praise this one highly enough. A future classic.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme

    I think it smells great too, but it has next to no lasting power on me.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme

    I've used up a bottle of it when it was new. Very spicy and resinous, but there's something in it that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. The same goes for the women's (elephant). Both are good, but not for me.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme

    Lovely, and very unlike the rest of the male Kenzos, both conceptually and smellwise. Deep, rich, almost smokey and with masculine sweet incense. Not available in Sweden anymore.


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    Default Re: Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme

    Have depleted a bottle of the female version. There's something in that Sen-Sen note that makes it archly interesting. Bit fuzzy at the top, like milkweed, and then a pretty decent patch at the bottom. Lasting power is comment-worthy. Will be the last fragrance on earth to be described as watery or thin. Instead, it's humid as the subtropics and damn near oppressive. All stellar qualities, IMO.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme

    I really like Jungle, but am I the only one who thinks that it smells almost identical to Gucci Envy ?

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    Default Re: Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme

    I think it's OK ... but it's one of those I won't replace when it's finished. Very short lived and stays VERY close to my skin.

    The scent itself, to me, is just nothing special to my taste.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme


    There seem to be two different bottles of Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme. Does anyone know which is the original and if there is any difference between the two?
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    Default Re: Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme

    It's a fine scent...unique. I get fatigue quickly from this though and it can get cloying.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme

    I think it's a very nice scent and glad it's part of my collection.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme

    The box on the right is the original. I believe the scent is unchanged despite the repackaging, as far as I can tell.
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    Default Re: Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme

    True. I have both on now and they are very hard to distinguish from each other. I think the older bottle has slightly longer legs but on a wool sweater I can smell either of them for a few days. Definitely gets a lot of use once once it's jacket weather.

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