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    Default An unexpected package from Paris !!!!!!

    But certainly welcome!

    I got a beautiful package straight from Paris, marked with euro stamps and everything, from Frederic Malle. I emailed them a VERY long time ago and they never really responded, so I wasn't expecting anything.

    To my fabulous surprise, I came to the mailbox today and found VERY generous (in fact, the largest sample spray vials I think I've ever seen) samples of Noir Epices, Angeliques sous la Pluie, and Vetiver Extraordinaire.

    Noir Epices is stinky and powdery, reminds me a bit of Amouage Gold and SL Arabie. Not what I'm looking for.

    Vetiver Extraordinaire is very, very nice. A well rounded vetiver that's a tad sharp but will probably settle on wearing. I can't smell much behind it, though. It seems to be very simple.

    Angeliques sous la Pluie is gorgeous. Really, really nice! I can't tell what the notes are because I have a sinus infection but I like it. I think I'm going to put this on now.

    Any opinions on these?

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    Default Re: An unexpected package from Paris !!!!!!

    That`s make me jealous!
    No samples for Siberia - but lucky you!
    Seems to me - they began to promote the business!!!
    Will write them again after new (leather) scent of the boutique will appear...

    I have VE and love it a lot!
    Noir Epices is all about geranium and pepper. Its perfumer uses NE in his light-music-olfactive performance to describe African Continent (I read about that) amongst others.
    But I have no idea what was the first - show or boutique?
    Angelique is just as gorgeous for me as VE.
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: An unexpected package from Paris !!!!!!

    They sent me three of those very generous little sample bottles as well with a handwritten letter - very nice!
    Unfortunately I haven´t tried anything from them that I like 100% yet.

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    Default Re: An unexpected package from Paris !!!!!!

    Yes, I actually wrote them a handwritten note in return to thank them for the samples. This kind of customer service speaks well for their company. Two 5ml spray decants and a handwritten note does wonders for their company image.

    I really enjoy their Vetiver Extraordinaire. I am not a big vetiver fan, but this is just wonderful. Sharp, raw, and natural. I wish it lasted longer on my skin - I only get an hour or so out of it. If I was rich I would buy big bottles and just douse myself every hour.
    They also sent me a sample of Musc Ravageur. It is wonderful, rich, heady stuff. I can't say that I have frequent occasion to wear it, but it is very nice.
    Quality company.

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    Default Re: An unexpected package from Paris !!!!!!

    Along with MPG and LV, my favourite house. All five I have sampled, VE, MR, Angeliques, Eau d'Hiver and Bigarade Concentree are fabulous!! I'm seriously considering buying those 3x 10 ml bottles; it's not often I want to wear MR or VE, but when I get the urge, I want to have a bottle near by.

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    Default Re: An unexpected package from Paris !!!!!!

    I received Une Rose and Angeliques Sous La Pluie from them along with a handwritten note from Tphaine. It really made me feel like they care about having new customers. I most certainly will be purchasing something from them soon. BTW, Une Rose is wonderful! Other fragrance companies could really learn a thing or two from them about how to develop loyal customer relationships. Needless to say, I'm impressed with Editions De Parfums Frederic Malle.

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    Default Re: An unexpected package from Paris !!!!!!

    Hey..Me too!!!
    Except I received samples from Divine along with a very gracious note.
    The mens frags were, of course, L'Homme de Coeur and L'Homme Sage.
    Both remarkable creations.
    L'Homme de Coeur is now one of my favorites.
    I have rarely smelled a more refined, understated, and uterly perfectly ballanced fragrance.


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    Default Re: An unexpected package from Paris !!!!!!

    I, too, got a three sample package from FM. Oddly enough, I really dislike the scents they sent me. I got Angeliques Sous La Pluie, which has this horribly off-putting, bitter pepper and citrus rind accord. I also got L’Eau d’Hiver, which is very pleasant, and very well made, but also incredibly boring; I just could never justify the price tag for this one. And finally, I got En Passant, which is my favourite of the three I was sent; it’s a nice, slightly green, slightly sweet, floral fragrance, but I would never pay retail for it.

    I do own a bottle of Noir Epices and Musc Ravageur, and love them both to death. Noir Epices feels so chic and urban to me. A quintessential city fragrance!

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