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    Default My trip to Paris

    I just came back from a short trip to Paris. I had also a few visits of fragrance shops on my itinerary. Here's my experiences:

    Serge Lutens "Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido".

    This is a small store in a very prestigious location. Apart of what I read here on the board I had not yet tested any of their fragrances. The SA had a very shortspoken attitude. She let me smell some of their scents. I bought the Vetiver Oriental, which I liked most. (I can't remember what other scents she gave me to test). Though the bottle of Vetiver Oriental cost EUR 100.- they didn't throw in any samples (I didn't ask for them either).

    Guerlain Flagship Store on Av. Champs-Elysee

    This was a really nice surprise. I'm a big fan of their Vetiver but I was ready to try something else. I also know Habit Rouge but find it a bit overwhelming. In the store I tested Heritage (which I liked an bought) and Mouchoir pour Monsieur (which I also bought after a little push from the SA). I also bought the EdT Version of "Vol de Nuit" The SA was a very nice lady. After the sale she invited me to the first floor where they showcase all the Guerlain classics. The whole store has a very unique architecture. It feels like a santuary for their masterpieces. On the first floor you can smell every of their scents. For five of their big sellers they even have little glass jars with the four basic ingrediences for each scents and you can even smell those (for example you can smell the vetiver, tobacco, tonka beans and leather for their Vetiver scent). I did't buy "L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme" because it wasn't as special as expected but maybe I have to test this one a little longer. The SA was very generous with samples.

    Creed Store, 38 Av Pierre 1er de Serbie

    I had to go to the Creed Store. I was surprised who small the store was. There again the SA was a bit on the snobby side but she showed me all the scents I wished to test. Here I bought a bottle of "Selection Vert", "Citrus biggarade" and a Creed Atomiser. I think the SA was rather surprised by my extensive shopping and she overwhelmed me with samples.

    One thing I learned with all these visits. You have to limit yourself to test only a few scents in every store. After about five or six different scents you are not able to tell them appart. Take a pen with you so can write the name of each scent on the test strip. Plan to visit only a few stores every day otherwise you the the fragrance overkill. (I wanted to visit many more shops but after these I was absolutely scent exhausted).

    Anyway, I absolutely enjoyed my visit to Paris and look forward to my next trip.

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    Default Re: My trip to Paris

    Sounds as if you had a fantastic time. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    Fine fragrance is alive; it breathes, unfolds and unravels with each passing hour....

    Roja Dove
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    Default Re: My trip to Paris

    Wow, what a haul! Am I allowed to be a tiny bit jealous? I would have been very upset about the snobbish staff though.

    By the way, I don't think they have any liquid samples at the Shiseido Salon.

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    Default Re: My trip to Paris

    Was the trip worth it? *I was thinking of visiting just to go perfume shopping.

    What about the Creed store - did they have any other fragances not commonly available? *I've read that they have created hundreds of scents - yet I only see 30 to 40 scents available at retailers.

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    Default Re: My trip to Paris

    I didn't see any unfamiliar scents in the Creed Store I didn't also see on their web site. (here the UK site seems to be a bit more structured go to I would have loved to test alle their scents but you have to limit yourself to a few because otherwise you can't tell them appart anymore.

    If you plan a trip specially for fragrance shopping then you have to keep in mind that you can not visit more than two or three different places a day otherwise you will suffer from a fragrance overkill. (specially if you like to test fragrances). It would also be a pity to only go fragrance shopping in Paris, there is so many more to do and see.

    This was my sixth visit and a have by all means not seen everything and find alsways new and surprising facets of this city.

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    Default Re: My trip to Paris

    I'm alittle funny when it comes too vacations - I need a purpose, a reason. Anyways - I was thinking of going in either Feb or March for 4 weeks. How are the people? Are they friendly to english speaking visitors?

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    Default Re: My trip to Paris

    Well sometimes Parisians are bit on the snobby side even when you speak french (as I do, but not as a first language). *But like everywhere one shouldn't generalise. I think some are very friendliy as well.

    English shouldn't be such a problem as many also speak English but sometimes with a funny accent.

    Well with a a three to four week stay you certainly have a lot of time to explore the city. There is so much to see.

    I also like the french food a lot, specialy the more basic dishes served in a bistro or a brasserie.

    Im sure you gonna have a great time *;D

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    Default Re: My trip to Paris

    Actually Serge Lutens Palais Royale has liquid samples, and give it quite freely as you ask for them.
    I got mine Daim Blonde which made me want it - and Fleur d`Oranger which is yak to me..
    Sure only export range samples...
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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