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    Goce (Kanebo) is one of the most classic men's fragnance created by Kanebo. It's a very unique fragrance which has agarwood as its main component. M7 is probably one of the most common colognes where agarwood is used effectively. I also can feel a touch of agarwood in Sequoia (CDG) as well. Goce is much stronger (in terms of agarwood), and agarwood is on the center stage here. Makes you feel like visiting some temples in Japan and pray or something. Very religious scent (in a Japanese way...). This cologne was discontinued and even in Japan, it's just hard to find one. I actually was lucky enough to obtain some bottles from one of my friends in Japan. I may put them on my selling/swapping list (sometime) to share the scent.


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    Please i,m very interesed,i love Goce by Kanebo
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    I found M7 to be far better put together scent, even with its tons of powder.
    Goce, though not bad, is much milder in a Japanese sort of way. Agarwood nice and quite prominent.
    Plus I'd need a cylinder of Goce on my shoulders to reapply it constantly as it disappears from my skin in no time.

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    As I explore the theme of agarwood I found the best agarwood in other frags - not in Goce and M7 (which are good in their own way). Goce is too mild for oud - it`s more fume than perfume...

    I like Martina Micallef Oud pour Homme and Night (or Black??) Oud pour homme. From european brands of course.. Also Montale Black (Lime) Oud and Oud Cuir d`Arabie, which are quite medicinal smell and so deep and long-lasting... I`m not a fan of amber or flowers so others are not so big for me.

    But the best aouds come from Dubai - namely Rasasi, see their web-shop and al Haramain (courtesy to Killer V for make me know a little more about aouds).
    Their aouds are thick, oily and very-very lasting. I think that at price-level 100 euro per 30-50 ml quality is decent to buy without a doubt. Well, you can find attars at 2000 bucks per bottle of 5-10 ml, but it`s more religious price for purists and Sheikhs. 10-30 bucks for aouds is ridiculous so I do not recommend it.
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