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    Hello. I am beginning to really enjoy Arabian fragrances. What characteristics do they have in common? I am a little confused on the whole Oudh thing. Any help is appreciated.


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    That is a pretty generic question...I guess one could say that any fragrance that uses notes inspired by/found commonly in the regions of North Africa and/or the arabian gulf could be considered an arabic perfume. Due to a lack of water the natural vegetation in these parts tends to not have rich juicy succulent fruits like melons or peaches or lemons. Things like dates and tamarind are quite common. Flowers are a rarity too. Myrrh and Frankincense grow abundantly in these regions. The cooking uses a lot of imported spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, anise, cumin and corriander. Rose attr was a favourite fragrance imported from India. So put these factors together
    - woods
    - intensely spicy
    - lingering rose notes
    - no florals - apart from the rose
    - no heavy use of fruits or citrus notes
    - smells of dry fruits like dates and tamarind - or even dried apricots and plums
    - strong presence of smoky and incense-y notes like myrrh and frankincense - and other resinous notes

    Think of a beef/lamb tagine, rose water, date/fig rolls with almonds and walnuts - hints of leather - and you are getting close. If you want an easy/quick answer - just smell SL Arabie.

    Oudh is a completely different story. It is a very expensive fugus ridden wood that is used as premium incense in many parts of the world including Japan and arabia. I do not know what you find confusing about it - but I hope this helps -

    To get a good idea of how it smells - smell most of the Montale Oudh series - or YSL M7

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