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Thread: Pi Fresh!!

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    Default Pi Fresh!!

    Hello everybody!
    Today I'm wearing Pi Fresh for the first time! I had already tested the original one and I had enjoyed it, so when I saw the fresh version being sold with a huge discount, I bought it blind! I had read the reviews about the fresh version and I remember someone wrote about the similarity of both fragrances. Well, I miss some notes that I really like in the original, I don't know if It's cinammon, something spicy in the middle of the sweetness... The fresh notes that were inserted are a little weak, maybe discordant, but I like it, lol! After 4 hours of wearing, It's still here, pretty strong. I don't notice much evolution in this one, and I felt the same way with the original Pi. I do like the smell. I wanted something really sweet, to go clubbing and Pi fresh seems to fill my expectations.
    I see a lot of similarities between Fresh and JPG Le Male. Fresh is a more wearable Le Male in my humble opinion. A boat of vanilla, surrounded by an earth smell, mixed maybe with something floral. It's easy to overapply, so be careful. I don't know why, but the color that comes to me when I smell it is brown. A light brown.
    For the price I paid for this one, It's worth. There are better sweet and more sex fragrances out there.
    What do you guys think of Pi fresh? :question

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    Default Re: Pi Fresh!!

    To me Pi Fraiche smells like a lighter version of Pi with some citrus notes added. I don't think there's much of a difference between them except in strength. My girlfriend couldn't even tell it apart from the original. It would make an excellent club scent, but be careful. Even though it's lighter than the regular Pi, it could still be very cloying. I learned that by mistake when I thought Fraiche was a "summer" version. :

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