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    Default Santal de Mysore

    My journey to find the most beautiful sandalwood fragrance is still going on. And I think I've sniffed most of the major ones, except this one. There's not much said about Santal de Mysore (Serge Lutens) even on Basenotes. All I could find was something like "it smells like red curry". Will anyone kindly descrive what this fragrance smell like? I actually tried to find some samples, but none available anywhere. And I cannot even find the site where I can order a bottle to be sent to US, either. Where is the best place on the web to purchase this fragrance (to be delivered to US)? I would appreciate your precious information.


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    I was on the exact same quest as you about 6 months ago. Loving sandalwood and most Lutens fragrances it sounded perfect for me. I was able to get a decant from someone though he no longer has any. You can find decants on ebay sometimes. Its impossible to order this for delivery to the US as its part of the Serge Lutens "exclusive" line only sold in the boutique in Patis and only shipped within Europe. The best you can do is have it shipped to a friend in Europe and have that friend ship it to you.

    As for the scent itself yes it starts off smelling like intense spices and cumin which totally turned me off as this is what I grew up eating. Eventually this one takes a swet syrupy turn with some coconut showing up. The sandalwood doesn't truly show up til the drydown which is the nicest part to my nose. While this fragrance is interesting its not something I want on my skin. Sorry I don't have my decant anymore. Good luck in tracking some down.
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    One thing about Santal de Mysore is that is goes through a huge transformation as it dries down. The opening is just as AZsmells describes it: intensely hot and spicy. Thankfully it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a pot of curry though. There is something akin to coconut in SdM, but it's more like just the waxiness of coconut, rather than an overt coconut note.

    When you finally get to the dry-down, the hot spiciness is all but gone and you're left with a very warm, comfortable rose and sandalwood combo. The sandalwood is very much like that in LV Sandalo, except that in the SL it's a lot stronger and more concentrated.

    Amazingly evocative of India and things exotic, but maybe not terribly easy to wear (at least not for the first two hours or so). Decants turn up on eBay, although not as often as other SLs.

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    Default Re: Santal de Mysore

    Thanks for all the great info. During my "journey for ideal sandalwood", I've found some wonderul, and some others unremarkable. Some actually made me wonder "where's the sandalwood?". Your descriptions of Santal de Mysore remind me of Santal Noble. I don't really like its top which smells like sweet syrup poured onto a cedar chest. But I love the drydown of sandalwood with remnant of amber and cedar. Well, I guess I may not scream "Yes! I finally met you!! after smelling Santal de Mysore. Let me wait until someone posts a small decant of this fragrance on ebay or the swapping forum. Again, thank you for the info!


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    Default Re: Santal de Mysore

    A little ebay searching came up with this

    This seller is reliable and the prices are good. Go through her listings and you can also find 1/6 and 1/3 oz decants of all the Lutens exclusive line and also many other hard to find fragrances.
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    Default Re: Santal de Mysore

    I saw that 2 or 3 of the people on this thread said they went on a quest of the perfect sandalwood. Well I think I am speaking for many people when I say that if you made a review of them, like one earlier done on vetivers by jeff i believe, we would all greatly appreciate and benefit from it.


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