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    Default Will someone describe Opone?

    It appears I tend to get hooked on different themes every now and then, and they come upon me almost like "binges". So far, I have had "patchouli binge", "rose binge", "bitter orange binge", "sandalwood binge" and "iris binge". The last two (sandalwood and iris) are going on still and I don't think I have smelled enough fragrances yet. As for roses, I believe I tried various different roses already. But there's one I have not tried yet. It's Opone (Diptyque). I already have done some homeworks (basenotes/makeupalley baseline searches) and have a sort of vague idea of what it might smell like. I just cannot believe they don't have any decants of Opone available on e-bay! Now before I blind buy a 50ml bottle, I need your help. Does it smell similar to any other rose-themed fragrance? What is the closest? To my nose, Hammam Bouquet (Penhaligon's) smells like Rose Otto and Geranium, No.88 (Czech&Speake) smells like Rose Otto. Geranium, spices and soapy notes, and Voleur de Roses (L'Artisan) smells like patchouli, plums and a hint of roses somewhere. And Ungaro III smells like Eternity/Centaure + roses somewhere. Will you help me picture what Opone smells like? Thank you!!! :


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    Default Re: Will someone describe Opone?

    Reading your post made me reach for my sample of Opone, one of several samples I recently bought from Luscious Cargo. *I'd never tried Opone before and bought the sample because I heard it has a rose note, and I've been on a bit of a rose jag myself. *

    I do smell a rosy scent. *I also smell a scent that's kind of like a pickle, but musty, and the whole scent reminds me a lot of Mechant Loup by L'Artisan Parfumeur! *(I only tested that one once, about a year ago.) *Opone has saffron roses, spices and wood (or is it saffron AND roses?). *I'm not sure what the so-called musty pickle note is. *However, I don't really smell any spice or wood. *I think it's well-made, and it doesn't smell bad, but I think it's an acquired taste, and it isn't my style. *That said, I think there are some guys and gals here who really like Opone.

    I do notice a slight similarity to Rose d'Homme by Les Parfums de Rosine, but I thought that one was way better, with more rose, more presence and more projection. *Opone doesn't smell anything to me like Ungaro III, which I love; there might be a slight similarity to Voleur de Roses (L'Artisan again); I'm the wrong guy to compare something to No. 88, since it just doesn't seem to work with my chemistry; and I don't think I've tried Hammam Bouquet, though I probably should.

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    Default Re: Will someone describe Opone?

    I received my samples of Opone and LV Musk at the same time. Maybe that's why I always see Opone as a tamed down or stale version of LV Musk.

    LV Musk has also rose as a dominant note in it, but the overall impression is much richer and deeper - more refined. I prefer the LV Musk by far. No need for Opone, if you should own LV Musk already.

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    Default Re: Will someone describe Opone?

    I really like Opôné. It's totally different from Voleur de Roses and Ungaro III, which are both warmer and darker. Opôné smells clean, fresh and rosy :-)

    If I had to give it a colour, it would be white or silver, if that comparison is of any use to you ;D

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    Default Re: Will someone describe Opone?

    I love Opone too and I need to get a full bottle one day.
    It is not too complex to me. (Most Diptique scents are not too complex to me.)
    It starts out with a blast of spices, seemingly most of which is saffron. The spice(s) burn off after about 1/2 hour to a fairly linear, beautiful, clean, pure rose scent. It lasts all of the rest of the day just like that, never going stale on me.
    I think this is more of a pure rose scent than Voleur de Roses or Rose d'Homme. It has a slight bit of earthiness but not at all as much as VdR. I find it completely unisex and very easy for a man to wear without feeling uncomfortable at all.
    It's my favorite Diptyque and likely my favorite rose scent. I highly recommend it and if you are fond of rose dominated scents, a blind purchase would likely be safe.


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    Default Re: Will someone describe Opone?

    Opôné is my favourite Diptyque scent, an interesting combo of saffron and roses. I have to be on the mood for it, though. But when I am, nothing else will do! :-*
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: Will someone describe Opone?

    [red]This little mini review/reflection on *Opôné* is dedicated to my good friend evogel/Eric, who always generously provides timely, thoughtful, urbane, and enlightening accounts of the many fragrances he is familiar with. How lucky we are on this board to have someone who’s a true connoisseur. I always learn from each and every one of his posts. In this case, we seem to be on the same page, and I fear my account might be a little redundant, but hear it goes anyway.[/red]


    [blue]In *Opôné*, the saffron note is tightly blended with rose, spices, and wood notes, and what an exquisite, dry combination the achieved accord is. Dry yet luscious at the same time thanks to the rose (Rosa damascena, in this case), astringent yet perfectly balanced between the sweetness lusciousness of the rose and the astringent, woodsy spicy elements of the saffron echoed in the spice and wood notes themselves. It’s simple, and it’s very Mediterranean in its simplicity, but as with all such simplicity, you wonder how such a combination works to produce such magic. This Mediterranean ethos is a decided and calculated ethos with Diptyque; their original founders were very much influenced and galvanized by their travels in Greece and the Mediterranean region in general.

    Furthermore, *Opôné*, like all Diptyque fragrances, starts off strong and finishes strong, and, like most Diptyque fragrances, it doesn’t evolve much, which is fine by me because it smells so beautiful right out of the bottle. Diptyque fragrances have such presence and such an amazing tenacity. They’re pure, honest, and there’s a clarion quality to the tonality of their ingredients. *Opôné*, like all Diptyque fragrances, is intense from the first moment you spray it on to the last moment right before it fades, and Diptyque fragrances work like certain batteries which provide optimum performance and then all of a sudden just die out. I’ve never sampled scents with such redoubtable presence. I think the fact the company first made candles before it made scents might have a lot to do with the fact that their fragrances are a lot like their candles: they have amazing, redolent output right till they burn out.

    For a similar experience of Saffron, Rose, and woods (in this case oudh), minus the spices, one should try Czech & Speake’s *Dark Rose*, if one can find it.

    *Opôné* is in my top twenty fragrances of all time Vibrant_Violet. I would echo Eric's comment and say, if you love rose as a key element in an accord, you'll more than likely love *Opôné*, which is, IMO, one of a handful of the truly great rose-based fragrances ever created.



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    Default Re: Will someone describe Opone?

    Thank you, every one!


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    Default Re: Will someone describe Opone?

    Great reviews, Eric and Scentemental.

    I love this one, and I love each and every Diptyque frag I have ever tried, INCLUDING L'Autre! They are uniformly lovely, very interesting and original scents and this house rightly belongs in the ranks of MPG, L'Artisan, Malle and Lutens--and at better prices!

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    Default Re: Will someone describe Opone?

    I adore Opone. It's classified as a woody floral chypre.
    It's not really a *rose* fragrance TMN. It's more a creation that uses rose to get the olfactory sensation it's shooting for. The saffron is a big player in it, and comes across variously as saffron, foenugreek, or weak cumin. So it's a equatorial-type warm, dry spicy rose.
    It has a decided musty component, which makes you feel like you're in a darkened room during the mid-day heat, with the sun-heated non-floral rose and dry spice hanging in the air.
    The tag line on this one really grabs my imagination - "Rounding the cape where spices are grown, under full sail, bound for fragrant gardens of roses and saffron." For some reason, when I wear Opone, I'm there on the ship deck with this one. The sea air is balmy, not crisp, and the sky isn't blue - it's the color of late afternoon, laden with particulates that turns a sky sort of amber or golden. When you wear it, think of the tag line, and you'll see what I mean.
    I haven't been able to figure out the wood in it. If anyone knows, I'd like to hear.
    Lastly, it is a chypre - if you like chypres, this one will probably wear well on you. If you don't, it may not be to your liking.

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    Default Re: Will someone describe Opone?

    I just gave Opone my first full wearing, and I'd like to offer my review in the form of a fantasy:

    As I walk into the rose garden, I see her there...Opone...a beautiful woman, barefoot in a white cotton blouse, with long blond hair billowing in the warm breeze as birds sing their happy songs. She stands alone, the epitome of a pure rose, lovely, unadorned by scents of spice and wood, only the slight vegetal aroma that slowly lifts into the garden air. Then her rosy fragrance becomes more airy with her laughter, like glittering, shimmering chimes in the wind. You think, you're a daring man to love one so soft and pure.

    BUT THEN...about an hour to an hour and a half later, Opone's pure beauty begins to morph and change, and she becomes older, almost wrinkled--yes, she's become a bit of an "old lady." Look--why did she put so much red lipstick all the way around her mouth?! The air turns thick and heavy. She smiles that gaudy mouth and, holding your gaze, slowly moves toward you, reaches out her arms, pulls you toward her, sticks your head in her Grand Canyon cleavage and holds you tight there until you begin to suffocate. No, no...struggling does no good! You can't escape, and you yell, "I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" But no one can hear your screams for help...they're all inside the house, starting threads on Basenotes asking which scents "da laydeez" like best. Your toes twitch, and then suddenly everything goes black...

    Okay, so I overdramatize! It started out SO NICELY, but it became too much, too soft and fragrant for my started to "scream" on me, I got a headache while wearing it...and I eventually had to wash it off. To the lovers of Opone, I admire you and mean you no disrespect! Maybe it's partly because my chemistry (or something) doesn't abide unisex scents much at all. However, Rose 31 is perfect for me.

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    Default Re: Will someone describe Opone?

    Dry rose + saffron. Here's my earlier review of Opone:

    Like most of the scents I know from Diptyque, Opone is based on a simple accord, in this case rose and saffron. These two notes are so tightly integrated that I can hardly tell where one ends and the other begins. This in itself is a remarkable feat of perfumery. The astringent quality of saffron keeps the rose from becoming too sweet or cloying, while the rose prevents the saffron from turning into rice pilaf.

    Again like other Diptyque fragrances, it is resolutely linear, so that once you've smelled the top notes, you've experienced the whole thing. I suppose there's an advantage to this, in that you'll know immediately whether or not you like it, and there won't be any unpleasant surprises as the hours pass.

    Opone is attractive and well-executed, but it ultimately fails to excite me as do some of the more aggressive rose fragrances, including Black Aoud, Royal Aoud and Sa Majeste la Rose.

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