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    Default Versace Dreamer and Jacomo Aura Similarities

    Sprayed Versace Dreamer as my SOTD and remembered that I had something in my wardrobe that was somehow similar but not exact.

    It was Jacomo Aura in that modern looking square lime colored bottle sandwiched between the clear plexiglass.

    The Aura doesnt have as much of the tobacco note as Dreamer and the Iris in Dreamer makes for a more complex, more well rounded drydown.

    The drydown of the Aura seems to be more spicywood and far less floral but nice as well. There is a kinship between these two scents especially on the initial application.

    That being said, maybe its time to revist Jacomos AURA since there seems to be an abundance of Dreamer admirers on basenotes these days. I purchased the AURA at half the price of Dreamer on Ebay.

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    Default Re: Versace Dreamer and Jacomo Aura Similarities

    Never tried Jacomo Aura, so cannot say, but the drydown of The Dreamer reminds me of Le'male, and when smelt from the bottle it reminds of Millesime Imperial.

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