I'm on a runaway locomotive and I can't stop! With Christmas around the corner, there's no stopping with all these deals on scents, and I was at my local Ross store again picking up some bargains. This past Friday I picked up a bottle of Baldessarini and Xeryus Rouge and guilt stopped me cold after the purchase knowing that there were bottles of Envy and Lacoste PH still on the shelf. Just my luck I returned and they were still there. I couldn't wait...the Lacoste became my SOTD and after quite some time debating, I quite like this scent! Almost has a Rochas Man quality to it, sans mocha.

So I spent the day relishing the scent, but time and again I would catch a whiff of something that didn't smell like the Lacoste at all. I was looking around wondering if someone else was wearing something, and I started to become obsessed with a scent that smelled something green, spicy and woody, maybe a hint of floral, and surprisingly very tasteful. I kept thinking WOW, Lacoste has done something ingenious by creating a scent that has gourmand like qualities close to the skin and has a fresh quality like Cool Water Deep when I sniff its sillage!

This went on all day, I'm feeling happy with my finds and on my way home, it finally dawned on me on my way home....

I was testing something new this morning at Macy's...CK one Scene. I didn't think twice about it because I thought that it smelled too much like the original. I sprayed it on a blotter sniffed it and stuffed it in my pocket afterwards. It had taken on a very different expression, a woody spicy and green scent, with a strong vein of muguet, fresh but not as soft as the original CKone. This was the scent with dual personality! At least I was half right. It's rather qood...now another to consider picking up while it's still around (it's a limited edition scent).

GOSH! I'm in trouble...did I mention that M7, Antaeus, and Body Kouros was being delivered tomorrow, and Eau de Merveilles later this week as well as a L'Artisan coffret?

[move][smiley=evil.gif]I THINK I'M POSESSED[smiley=evil.gif] [/move]

Sorry for the long post, guys!