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    Default My DSH experience so far...

    I have now sampled 4 different fragrances from DSH and I'm very impressed! All of them are very complex, smooth, sophisticated, and of a very high quality. I found a couple of them intoxicating, Gingembre and Mahjoun. They last all day on me and are some of the most exotic smells I have ever encountered. You can see my reviews in the missing fragrences section if you're interested. Just thought some basenoters would be interested in this artisanal perfume maker...


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    Default Re: My DSH experience so far...

    I agree with you. DSH is seemingly a well kept secret around here. I have her L'Homme and I've tried a few others and they all are nice examples of perfume art. They develop wonderfully and have true phases. The L'Homme is her take on the traditional EdC but it's much deeper and more complex with a nice amber base instead of the typical woody/musky base. She offers choices of concentration too which is a plus. Her "dupes" are sometimes deeper and more complex than the scent she is recreating plus those are also offered in a choice of concentation and with or without a fixative as well. There is much to search on her site and lots to sample. It's a bit overwhelming but ultimately worth it. She's a true American artist and I think Basenoters should check her stuff out. Try both sites.


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