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Thread: Bad Himalaya?

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    Default Bad Himalaya?

    I bought Himalaya on line. In fact I bought several from one seller. I bought it blind because it sounded like something I would love. They were all in boxes, all seemed fine, except now Himalaya smells sort of rancid to me. Not sure if it's bad or if it's just me. The box was dated 2004, so I thought it was fine. How do you know when it's bad or it's just your own body chemistry that doesn't agree with the juice. I tried spraying it a couple of times before wearing it, but I still get that funky smell, almost like a bad aftertaste, if that makes any sense. :-?

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    I've sniffed quite a few different samples and bottles of Himalaya, and have never smelled a "rancid" one. Now, Himalaya does have a very sharp accord to it, in a similar albeit more subdued fashion as Platinum Egoiste. Are you sure you're not misinterpreting these notes as rancid?

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    Default Re: Bad Himalaya?

    Are you sure you're not misinterpreting these notes as rancid?

    I'm not sure. That's why I was asking. Maybe I should smell another bottle. Funny you should bring up Platimum Egoiste. That is another one I purchased, but never use. I just don't like the way it smells when I wear it. So, maybe it is me.

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    Default Re: Bad Himalaya?

    From personal experience, the only Creeds I tried that smelled good right from the start were New Tabarome, GIT, and BDP. On the other hand Himalaya, MI, Acier Aluminum, and SMW all have sharp topnotes that may seem offensive to the nose. But let it settle for a few minutes and the true nature should come out. If the drydown still smells "rancid" then perhaps either your bottle went stale or your body chemistry isn't corresponding. But I doubt the bottle went stale if it's only from last year. What I would do is have one of your friends try it on their skin to see if it still smells foul.

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    Hmm...well...rancid is about the last way I'd describe the Himalaya decant I own...for whatever that's worth. I wore it today in wonderful you are...Himalaya...8-)
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