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    Wow ...

    Just got my "mini" bottle of this off ebay from a duty free shop in Hong Kong.

    I think this scent is great ... I don't think it's feminine at all like some posts have suggested ... It's lasted a long time now on me (3 hours now and counting)

    But ...

    I'm wondering why I like it so much ... and I finally figured it out. It smells VERY CLOSE to Imperial Jade Emperor by Agatha Brown! Just to make sure, I've sprayed it on my other arm and have been comparing them. I don't have the best nose, but I can only detect a VERY slight difference. I think these two are closer to each other than any other two I've ever sampled.

    So for anyone who either owns or had gotten those samples here recently, if you liked the Jade Emperor, I think you'll like Gaultier 2.

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    I don`t have Jade Emperor, but still thinking that Gaultier2 is just too feminine.
    And to be honest, not even feminine but GIRLY!

    Sorry... :-X

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    Default Re: Gaultier 2

    IMHO the IJE has some minor amber notes, while G2's amber notes are more intense. Other than that I don't see much in common. The Gaultier is a heavier overall fragrance, while the Jade is lighter with an almost effervescent, minty quality more like the original Le Male. BTW- the two arm test is flawed, as the tendency is to go almost immediately from one arm to the other while the scent of one is still lingering in your nose as you sniff the other. They therefore tend to begin to smell more and more similar as one continues to compare.

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    I gave this a full wear. What an awful experience! One of the most cloying fragrances I have ever witnessed, I had to wash it away, which by the way, was damn difficult.

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    Default Re: Gaultier 2

    I'm on my third bottle :
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    Default Re: Gaultier 2

    Quote Originally Posted by CoL²
    I'm on my third bottle :
    What do you do, drink the stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esan Sal
    [quote author=CoL² link=1131142651/0#4 date=1131178611]I'm on my third bottle :
    What do you do, drink the stuff? [/quote]

    Nope. He attached, and uses it with a garden hose

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    I sprayed this on a paper test strip yesterday and absolutely did not like it. I had just purchased a can of cotton candy and the smell immediately reminded me of that. Mind you, I already ate all of the cotton candy and I love it, but this was just way too sweet for me.
    I can't imagine it being a very good male fragrance either. But maybe I'll give it a try if I ever get a tester of it.
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    my mother said that the smell is between le male and classique.
    i agree that it's feminine. or even girly
    but i like sweet scents
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