Recently I was very lucky to gain decants of Poivre and Tabac Blond from some nice BN members, and this sparked an interest into the Caron line of Pure Parfums. Even thought my experiences with them weren't all that great, I still find myself very interested in the rest of the line. Don't get me wrong, Tabac Blond was a very nice perfume but it just didn't stand up to all the hype on this board. Poivre was a bigger disappointment. I was expecting something extremely spicy, but I bascially got a smooth blend of cloves, I even didn't get a cayenne pepper note. Also they don't seem to stand up to their price tags. Funny story, when I first got Tabac Blond I wanted to hear my older brothers opinion. His not really a perfume lover but he always give an honest opinion with a lot of detail, and that's what I love. I dabbed some on his wrist and the first thing he said was that it smelt like a cologne you'd pick up at a Dollar Store. I basically started laughing and telling him about how much the stuff really goes for at the Caron Boutique in New York. Although my experience in the Pure Parfum line didn't go so well, I still find myself interest in the rest of the extracts that Caron has to offer. After reading about them on their official website and reading reviews, I got even more curious.

Anyways what I wanted to know was what other Extracts are worth trying. From what I've heard, Alpona is another good one. I tried contacting the Caron Boutique in New York about purchasing some samples but they haven't replayed back yet. There's an Ebay seller right now who does 1ml samples of a lot of the extracts for 6.00 bucks a piece. I thought about ordering some, but just wondering what are the good ones to look at. I thought about just stopping with the bad luck I've had so far, but something keeps getting me interested in them.