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    Default New to Trumpers...Will You Help?

    I've sampled various Trumper frags over the last couple of years and I don't have a real specific memory of any of them, except they were good smelling and obviously of high quality.

    I know their Sandlewood is very highly regarded, and I've read a lot of good things about Eucris as well.

    Today I wore Royal as my SOTD and thought it was really manly and dignified, but it had poor longetivity on me. Their website says that their scents are both cologne and EDT.

    After reading here about how nice they were about their samples, I asked for some and received a really nice response shortly afterwards. The woman stated she was sending me GFT, Curzon and Astor cologne, and "will also include other fragrances from our collection that you may like to try."

    I'm pretty sold, blind, on buying Sandlewood and Eucris. Any others? And where's the best place to buy in the US?

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    Default Re: New to Trumpers...Will You Help?

    I've tested a lot of the fragrances in the Trumper line, and I have to say that the ones that stood out the most were Sandalwood Cologne and Ajaccio Violets. To me Sandalwood Cologne smelt very similar to Egoiste, but much more refined and smooth. Sometimes I find Egioste to be a little too harsh and sweet but Trumpers Sandalwood plays along the lines of Egoiste but it's more outstanding. Sandalwood is defenitly a 5 star fragrance in both scent and longitvy for me. Ajaccio Violets is good as well but like what most people might say, it lasts only 30 minutes tops on my skin.
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    Default Re: New to Trumpers...Will You Help?

    Sandalwood is excellent! Smooth creamy sandalwood with excellent longevity, my absolute favourite Trumper. Skye, Wellington, Wild Fern, Spanish Leather and GFT all smell good, but are just OK. Very sophisticated and of high quality but too conservative and understated to my liking. Eucris then again is vile to my nose, too sharp and overly masculine. You might love it, but personally I wouldn't recommend buying it blind.

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    Default Re: New to Trumpers...Will You Help?

    I've tried them all. After following your tastes for a while, I think the standout for you will be Eucris. Very masculine and distinctive. Sandalwood is excellent as well.
    GFT is a complex, long lasting citrus that is still great all year round' because of the nice warm base. Astor, Wellington, Curzon and Sylvester are definitely worth a sample and seem to be the "forgotten" fragrances of this house. Skye and Ajaccio Violets are amazing and quite "barbershopish" but the lasting power of those is dismal.
    My favorite Trumper e-tailer is excellent service from a classy place.


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    Default Re: New to Trumpers...Will You Help?

    I agree with most of the above. Eucris is a love-it or hate-it scent I believe. I happen to love it. Sandalwood is fast becoming one of my overall favourites. Both have good longevity, sandalwood lasting perhaps the longer of the two.

    I also love the Trumper's take on Lavender Water. Very dry and masculine IMO. Not especially long lasting but they do a nice travel bottle you can keep in your briefcase or whatever.

    I am always surprised that Trumper's longevity varies so much. As much as I love Ajaccio Violets and Skye, I could never buy them as they are gone in minutes on my skin.


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    Default Re: New to Trumpers...Will You Help?

    If you want an uber masculine scent, Eucris is the way to go, but Curzon gives it a run for its money, as it is almost as powerful and a bit spicier.

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    Default Re: New to Trumpers...Will You Help?

    Don't know about Eucris, but Curzon is my favourite - classic, distinguished, dry, spicy, all at the same time, and relatively long lasting for a cologne. Astor is as distinguished but a bit less powerful and outgoing. Trumper's Bay Rum is great but to be used only once in a while, people think you smell like roast mutton. Spanish Leather is OK, fairly soapy. Finally, I really disliked Trumpers' Sandalwood, much too sweet for a male fragrance, some other sandalwoods are drier, which I prefer.

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    Default Re: New to Trumpers...Will You Help?

    I recently received 8 sample vials from Trumper...Spanish Leather, GFT, Sandalwood, Eucris, Wellington, West Indian Limes, Wild Fern, and Portugal. My two favorites were GFT and Sandalwood, though if I were to buy just one of those two, it would have to be the is so creamy and luscious. My least favorite was the Wild Fern...ugh! West Indian Limes...well...smells like limes, which isn't an altogether bad thing, but as other reviewers have mentioned, it literally lasts about all of 15 minutes, before it completely disappears. And I much prefer Truefitt and Hill's Spanish Leather over the Trumper's. I'm middle of the road on Eucris. On one hand I find it enticing, but on the other I find it a tad harsh, and don't think I'd ever really wear it...definitely a man's man kind of scent, that's for sure.
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    Default Re: New to Trumpers...Will You Help?

    Wow. I can't wait for these. I did order full bottles of Sandalwood and Eucris, and sounds like a few more may be in future as well!

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