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    Default Who wears Kingdom by McQueen?

    Can anyone tell me their experience with Kingdom? I am dying to try this! What does it smell like to you?


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    Default Re: Who wears Kingdom by McQueen?

    Well, I'll tell you, I broke down & bought Kingdom last year, without testing it first. Someone recommended it to me, saying it was more of an "adventurous" fragrance, much like Costume National. Unfortunately, while I loved the bottle, loved the other woody & leathery notes in there, the cumin and the cardomon just turned on me - and by that I mean left a somewhat b.o.-ish top & mid-notes. Top and middle notes were unbearable, but the dry down was almost pleasant - very creamy & sandalwood-based. But, having said that, I never wore it after that as I didn't want to wait two hours for the scent to finally hit the sandalwood note. Enduring the comments about "who has b.o. around here' was also a pain, so I just gave up on it. I will say this much, on the right body chemistry, this would be a rich, lovely scent. [smiley=wink.gif]

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    Default Re: Who wears Kingdom by McQueen?

    I love my Kingdom edp and it loves me *
    On first spray it is really busy, tons of everything. Then it settles down pretty quickly to dirty spicy roses and sandalwood, and the drydown is gorgeous... If I'd read any of the reviews about it beforehand, I would never have had the guts to try it. As it was, I liked it on the card, liked it on me, and my partner adores it. I've never had any BO comments, but lots of compliments.
    Having said all of that, it's not an everyday scent for me, and I barely touched it over the summer (but did get hooked on the Summer limited edition instead). It's my Big Night Out scent, weekend scent and a frequent bedtime scent. I think there is an edt too, which is a bit more appropriate for the office.
    I accidentally wore Kingdom for a job interview this year and got the job *;D I thought I'd grabbed the sample of the edt but realised on spraying it was the edp. It worked for me that time, but I think I'll choose a lighter girlier floral for the next interview. Definitely one to sample before buying a bottle.

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    Default Re: Who wears Kingdom by McQueen?

    To me Kingdom smells like Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan mixed with any mainstream flowery/powdery/sweet women's perfume. I wore it from a sample two weeks ago, and again the top and middle notes aren't the best, kind of smells like b.o, but the drydown is very lovely.
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    Default Re: Who wears Kingdom by McQueen?

    My 10yr old daughter and I both like this one. It comes off more floral on her but, the dominant notes are cumin and rose and wood. As someone who is fond of Indian and other southern spicy cuisines, I find the cumin to be neither foody nor sweat-like.
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    Default Re: Who wears Kingdom by McQueen?

    Hey Kelley! *

    * *I believe I was one of the first ones to give you my take on Kingdom. *Don't remember the thread....adventurous scents or something to that effect. *But antway, here goes:

    * *Kingdom at first (on me) has the cumin sticking out like a sore thumb and it then subsides after about ten minutes. *I get some civet and rose as well but they two stick around...ESPECIALLY the rose! *Not a sweet rose, mind you....a dark, rich, deep rose note. *The next notes up are musk and myrrh. *This is where it gets thick and heavy. *The rose, musk, myrrh, and a wee bit of civet rule the middle of this fragrance on me. *It does have a little bit of a feminine sorta touch to the nose....but not a soft feminine. *It's rather assertive. *For fun think of the woman in "Mommy Dearest" when she slams the table and screams: *"Don't F**K with me, fellas!! *[lights a square] *(grinning) This isn't my first time at the rodeo." *It's probably more of THAT kind of feminine! *LOL *But anyways....the end of the progression on me has sandalwood, a little citrus, a little vanilla, and the rose, musk and myrrh go down fighting if they even wanna subside at all!! *Very dark on me and reserved solely for occassions when I wanna make a brash statement without speaking a word. *I wouldn't consider wearing this to a family function or a business meeting, *But that's just me, I guess.

    * * Wish I had a way to decant some for 'ya, Kelley!! *I'd send you some to try. *I hear you are in Mexico......I'm in Chicago and it was hard enough for me to find here in this teeming metropolis!! *It was AZSmells who told me to try the Barney's on Oak and Rush (they had some to try.). *Check the swap board and see if you can't buy/barter some of a fellow Basenoter. *Best of luck and I hope that descrip helps!! *

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