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    Default Guess what I found at the duty free

    While en route to Maine to visit family I stopped at a nice little duty free in Quebec as I crossed through the border check into Vermont.

    They had a nice selection of current offerings as well as some clearance items-Chopard, Baisser du Dragon, etc.

    Next to their aramis section was a lone unopened bottle of Havana. So, I tried it, Dior Homme, Habit Rouge, and several others before I finally decided on the Havana. I probably paid a bit too much for it, $45 US/3.4 oz; but the unusual *smokiness of the top notes really piqued my olfactory senses.

    My point is this. There are countless duty frees along the border between the *US and Canada and most likely there are countless gems sitting on the shelves. So, make sure you stop next time.
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    Default Re: Guess what I found at the duty free

    Just to let you know....$45 for 3.4oz of Havana is a STEAL, rest got a great deal.
    Oh, congrats on the pick-up!

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    Default Re: Guess what I found at the duty free

    $45...too much...??!!! Look at
    and the $75 there is cheap of late.... and that's only for 1.7oz!!!!!

    You got a steal. Enjoy it and wear it in the best of health!


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