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    Default Anvers, New Haarlem and Eau du Isles

    Finally, three scents which smell like nothing else I've encountered! These three came in the mail today, and I'm thrilled to experience all of them.

    1: Anvers. A post a while back was from a man asking what scents would be appropriate to wear in a big city. Here's the perfect one, it's urban in a bottle. On me, there are light fruit/citrus notes for a few minutes then it just hits the deck with a powerful punch of amber, leather, and 'second hand smoke' Not stale smoke but the smell of burning tobacco I think, not fresh. I'm at a loss for words on how to describe it. It's sweet and bitter at the same time, it's brilliant. Never smelled anything like it, perfect for a big city like New York. The leather seems to be Knize 10 type leather if that helps any.

    2: Eau Du Isles. This is a very masculine smell, and the patchouli for the first few minutes gives it a 'dirty' feel. Raw coffee, dry woods, spices I can't identify, perfect for the winter. For some reason it put me in a very animal type mindset, it has a predatory type feel. I can see why beautyface referred to it as a scent for seduction.

    3: New Haarlem: The sum on all gourmands. Warm, inviting, a smell of coffee and cocoa. I want to eat my arm when I spray it on. The perfect gourmand.

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    Default Re: Anvers, New Haarlem and Eau du Isles

    I must amend my comment regarding Anvers: For some reason the citrus notes came back, then dissapeared again. They seem to be floating in and out on the periphery of the scent.

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    Default Re: Anvers, New Haarlem and Eau du Isles

    A nice trifecta! I'm sure you'll enjoy them all, three very fine choices!


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    Default Re: Anvers, New Haarlem and Eau du Isles

    Agreed, 3 very interesting fragrances--well described!
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    Default Re: Anvers, New Haarlem and Eau du Isles

    Three great ones and congrats.

    My favorite is definitely Eau de Iles.

    If you like these, you have to try SMN Cuba.

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