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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    Ahh, one would bore me so much, I have over 100 samples, along with my feeble 5 fragrances that I currently have (got 8 on the way soon!) I still don't think i've got enough of a choice, as sometimes, I just want stuff that I can't even think of!

    Even when fragrances used to just be used because everyone in my family uses them, I still had 3-4 bottles (all aquatic general stuff that I've now given away!)

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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    There's another way to do become associated with a particular scent - I'm thinking in terms of a family of scents with a common thread tying them all together. I'm thinking of what Mr. Guerlain does, for instance: stick with one house that has a particular house note or accord.

    This way you get variety within that family of fragrances, and have the ability to choose something different to match your mood, match the occasion, etc. But for people who know you well, there will always be that consistent "something" that they'll recognize. You'll know it's the house note or accord, but those around you will just know at some level there's a consistency that's "you".

    Any thoughts on this approach? What other houses besides Guerlain have a consistent and distinct house note or accord?

    Even with this suggestion, I couldn't personally keep with this consistency and not stray I'd rather just use what I like.
    Where once there was no scents to it all, now the world opens before me!

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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    My parents both wore fragrances on certain occasions. They had a few favorites, and while some seemed to stay forever, others came and disappeared. But my immediate picture only connects one or two perfumes/lotions with each of them always. These were just them, and nobody else in my life. And both fragrances were present in a rather early stage of their lives and mine. Nothing that came later seems to have mattered for me.

    The memory of women and men in my life brings back 'ideas of smells', more or less specific ones, but I am sure they didn't use only one perfume during the period I knew them. I therefore believe that my memory keeps one fragrant snapshot of persons and not much else.
    'Il mondo dei profumi è un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    I could never stick to one scent.....the only time I will ever get close to this scenario would be if it was a 'bespoke' scent....created just for me....and the exclusivity would make me stick to it....but I guess I'd still get fed up of it after a while....
    After having exposed to a world of scents (thanks to basenotes), its impossible to choose 10....let alone 1......Its human tendency to get over things.....whether its your car, job, house.....almost everything........We are constantly looking for something new, something exciting that could hold our interest.....for a period of time and then ofcourse we get on another journey to seek something new...yet again.....

    If I were to wear a single fragrance for lets say a week or 10 days....I am sure it would bore me to such an extent that I will not return to this fragrance for a few months.....For me 'promiscuity'....atleast for something I would be able to love wearing fragrances....


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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    I wear my ordinary (signature) scent for ordinary days (work) and choose special scents for special occasions.

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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    I don't have a signature scent, just a signature house...

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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    that author is assuming that people like you and want to associate a scent with you. Do others have a right to expect us to wear only one scent so they can associate it with us anymore than we have right to expect them to wear fragrance?

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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    I never limited myself to a signature scent, it's rather a "signature rotation" of about 10-12 scents I regularly wear, maybe even more that 10-12, but a pretty much steady group of various frags worn in "heavy rotation", in a sort of a recurring loop
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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    To be honest, I actually agree with this mentality. There is something nice about being associated with a particular scent, and I would generally recommend that to most people. For me, it became more of a hobby, I don't think it will be one which I maintain lifelong but for right now, I'm having allot of fun with it.
    The hunt for a Signature Fragrance is not an easy one! I see the light at the end of the tunnel! Edit: 2015... I've given up and given in (My swap thread)
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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    Yep in a futuristic society we will all be assigned one scent an we will be able to be identifiied by that scent. I call Pure Malt.

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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    Variety is the spice of life.

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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    I prefer to keep them on their toes. Just when they think "Oh, there he is, undoubtedly smelling of Quorum again" I will surprise them, having spritzed myself with Lolita Lempicka L.

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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    Well, a one scent signature to be remembered isn't such a bad idea, but I rather use fragrances as "time capsules". I mean, that's ME who want to remember some great moments, and to each of my fragrances, I can associate some definite memories. I couldn't do that with only one scent, that wouldn't have the "time machine effect" as a wisely chosen scent for the right moment can do.
    Diversity and unpredictability are my signatures and they smell good
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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    I value variety more than being associated with one scent, although I can see how this would appeal to others.

    If a particular person really likes one scent of mine in particular, I might make a point to wear it more often around them so they associate the scent with me.

    I've done this with Carnal Flower, but I still can't wear it for more than a few days in a row - I start to lose appreciation for it. Wearing a favorite scent every day would probably turn me off from that fragrance eventually.

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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    I'm exploring my options.
    For those about to stink, I salute you!

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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    Its all very simple for me. Life is too short to be tied to a limited amount of scents. I don't really want to be associated with a particular brand or scent either. I want to experience as many scents as I can afford a bottle of. If I like/love it, I want to be able to enjoy it as much and as often as I desire. I should look into buying more decants to have even more variety, but that would make me feel restrained for some reason, would not wear something as often with little surplus I guess. I also like knowing there is more to look forward to adding to my collection; it's like a galaxy out there, this fragrance universe, and its fun to explore. Sometime we just like to collect things as well! I bet a lot of basenoters with a decent amount of fragrances also collect other things. Me>Music, Drums, audio gear(personal and home theater), headphones and of course cologne! Would never stick with one.

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    Default Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    I can't even commit to one scent a day. I may wear four in one day. I just keep changing my mind all day and spray new ones on.

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