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    I really like Number I from Acqua di Biella but the new offering 'Bursch' is really nice too.

    The Website descriptor reads;

    'Green, woody notes of vetiver and skilful citrusy announce spicy, aromatic traces. Saffron makes the precious incense and myrrh intriguing. The base of musk, oak moss and woods is anticipated by the heady aromas of rum that pervade the entire composition.'

    after several hours of wearing the sample I will definitely be pleading with Santa for this one.

    Long lasting and as faithful as one's own name.

    WWW.CALE.IT are speedy in despatch of free samples for those interested.

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    Emailing will bring samples..

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    thanks for the post. I love Baraja from this house so I'm looking forward to try Bursch.


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    I'm wondering if there has been any more experiences with Bursch? I ordered a sample from Luckyscent...i'm surprised it is practically unmentioned around here.

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    I recently received a Bursch decant, and it's a very impressive scent. Sandalwood seems dominant in the background, and there's spices and lots of moss. You won't go unnoticed - it's exceedingly powerful and longlasting - not an everyday scent, but definitely worth having and great quality. I noticed it makes more sense in rainy days.

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    I just sampled it again at THe Scent Bar on saturday!

    Both are very well constructed scents and long lasting. I think I lean more toward Number 1, though.

    I also sampled Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac and thought it was amazing!

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    Since originating this thread I am really disappointed that I, myself. haven't yet bought a bottle of Number 1 which , though an Eau De Cologne type frag is rather a cut above the usual fare.

    There is something special about Number 1 which I can't quite put my finger on.

    It has an air about it, a 'joie de vivre' kind of sentiment going on which lends an extra authenticity to the activity of the day.

    I hope I am able to take my own advice and buy this soon.


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