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    nice site, check it out

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    I like it and I wear it too! I'm in No. 3 today. [smiley=evil.gif]

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    I wore all 4 samples on my two hands and I do like No.1 and 4.
    No.2 has just disappeared and I'm undecided on 3.

    No1 - reminds me of Amouage a bit...and I love that house
    No2 - I don't really was gone before I could form an opinion
    No3 - I think this is the most powerful of the batch....initial thoughts were :P but it has gotten a bit better
    No4 - fresh and clean AND long lasting

    I have also sampled Sin but I can't remember what I thought of it....must not have been too special

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    I own no.2 & sin...they are so classy.

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