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    Default Rouge Royal for men....

    Today I was at Perfumania and sampled a scent in a unique red bottle from Princess Marina de Bourbon. First off the sales rep tried to turn me off by say ...OH you want to sample THAT! Prepare yourself.

    She misted a strip and in a hurry ran away. I did not take her serious for she kept trying to push a bottle of Op Juice telling me it was the best thing on earth.

    The scent of Rouge Royal was unique fruity...patchouli...woody...gormond like. I walked around all day with the test strip and sniffed it throughout the day. I kept swearing I smelled honey with patchouli blend in. I went back to the store and bought a bottle for just $12.00.

    I did a little research while at home and here is what I found...ROUGE ROYAL was launched by the designer house of Princess Marina De Bourbon in 2004. This scent possesses a blend of Lemon, Cardamone, Rosemay, Lavender, Geranium, Cinnamon, Honey, Chachemire Wood, and Tonka Beans.

    Anyone else tried this one? and who the hell is Princess Marina De Bourbon? A designer?

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    Default Re: Rouge Royal for men....

    Hi Paul.
    I got a bottle of this yesterday.
    Very nice stuff indeed!
    Reminds me of Dupont Signature, which is one of my favorite ambery orientals.
    Do you still like it?


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    Default Re: Rouge Royal for men....

    YES! I just recently bought a large bottle on ebay. Do you not detect a honey note :-?

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    Default Re: Rouge Royal for men....

    Yeah, I tried Rouge Royal at my Perfumania and really liked it.

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