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    Default Lacoste essential!

    Hi Guys!

    Can anyone tell me something about this new release?
    Would it be a modern view of the old classic Lacoste Original from 1984?


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    Default Re: Lacoste essential!

    Nobody? :

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    Default Re: Lacoste essential!

    I tested it this morning , together with Polo Black and Truestar men. From the 3 , I liked this one best, but there's nothing much to say about it, really. it's erm..fresh, but so is Polo Black and so is Truestar. The Lacoste was syntetic tomato leaf,fresh. The Polo Black was syntetic , Mango fresh and the Truestar was jut erm.., syntethic, whatever fresh.

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    well, eric, I hope Essential isn't similar to lacoste booste!
    I think Booster is quite boring... :-/

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