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    Default Suggest a masculine musk

    I love musk on females. Itís my favorite scent to smell on a girl and any variation is usually met with my approval.
    I like the typical Jovan, body shop, Kiels versions the best. Very clean yet deep and sexy as hell.

    My experience with musk has been fairly minimal. Iíve sampled various scents from health food stores. They were called such exotic names as Egyptian Musk and Oriental Musk. Both of these smelled similar to the female scents I mentioned above, yet touted as unisex.

    Is musk a note or a fragrance? Are there masculine versions of this? If so, is there a mans scent that embodies this note?

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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    My two favorite musks are simple, yet effective: CKbe & Lucky You
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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    Musk is an animal secretion and is used as a common basenote in many fragrances. There are many types of musks, depending on how it is synthesized, where it comes from, what is added to it, etc.

    That being said, you asked about a masculine musk. One of my favorite musk based scents is the now extremely inexpensive Helmut Lang Cologne - usually on Ebay for around $25 for a 50ml spray. Going a step higher is Lorenzo Villoresi Musk - exquisite fragrance with touches of rose and lavender. Even higher than that (in price) is Amouage Gold for Men - beautiful musk and Middle Eastern spices.

    These scents all tend to use darker musk notes.

    Then there are lighter white musk notes, for example, perfectly employed in Bulgari pour Homme.

    I know you'll get plenty of suggestions, but the best thing to do is use the search function and you'll find a thread entitled "the ultimate basenotes musk thread".

    Hope this all helps,

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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    I have three words for you: Madini Musk Gazelle.
    This is a very deep,dark and potent masculine musk.

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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    Monsieur Musk is a great drugstore version of musk. Very fresh throughout with a green/spicey kick. I wore it today and totally enjoyed the occasional wafts I got of it during the day. Many moons ago it was sold under the Houbigant brand and it came with a wonderful civet kick. Now it is sold under the Dana brand and the civet seems to have vanished but it still shows up in my fall collection every year.
    Not nearly as "musky" as Kiehls but a great scent nonetheless.
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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    Like they say in the movie Anchorman, "Time to musk up!"

    My favorite full-on musk scent is Kiehl's Original Musk (the oil); I heard the oil has slightly less floral notes or less citrus or something than the spray, or the alcohol in the spray made those notes come out more than the oil.

    My favorite fragrance with a musk note blended in is L'Eau du Gouverneur by Comptoir Sud Pacifique, but it's nothing like Kiehl's. *L'EdG is spicy, woody and musky and has a slight tropical feel.

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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    Musc Ravageur is my favorite but I would consider it to be unisex versus overtly masculine. Masculine / feminine is a very difficult line to draw in fragrance.

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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    I'm not a musk expert, but I don't think there can be anything more masculine than Serge Lutens' Muscs KoublaÔ Khan. When I wear this, I feel like riding a wild horse across the Mongolia plains!
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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    Kiehl's Musk is a great unisex musk, the EdT smells a tad more masculine IMO.

    I second Musc Ravageur, it's one of the best musks out there, together with Lorenzo Villoresi Musk.

    Now, I have another suggestion. I don't like the scent, and a lot of people here hate it too, but it's a powerful, animalic and masculine scent with a heavy musk base that can be smelled from the moment you spray it on. So why not give the mighty, mighty KOUROS a try?

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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    For musks, my favorites are Dunhill for Men (2003) and Lucky You for Men, with the Dunhill being the more masculine of the two... it makes me smell like a million bucks.

    Also: Bulgari PH & Yang.
    In rotation: Greenbriar (new), Silver Mountain Water, Dunhill for Men (1934), Acqua di Parma Colonia, Habit Rouge EDC, Ho Hang, B*Men, Agua Brava

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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    My favorite musk (at the moment and I reserve the right to change my mind) is Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme.

    Ingredients: Top Notes
    Coriander, Lavender, Galbanum, Petitgrain

    MIddle Notes
    Green Tea, Nutmeg, Fir, Pepper

    Base Notes
    Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Musk, Cedarwood

    Very masculine and fresh.


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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    Alyssa Ashley Musk for Men

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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    Santa Maria Novella Musk
    Lorenzo Villoresi Musk

    And if you'd prefer something on the less expensive side:

    Coty Musk for Men
    Coty Wild Musk


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    Default Re: Suggest a masculine musk

    Muscs KoublaÔ Khšn - As mentioned above, this is definitely the most masculine of the musks I've ever sampled. I think it was LadyLonestar who nicknamed it liquid porn.

    Kiehl's Musk EdT - My second favorite musk scent, a bit less potent and pungent than MKK, but a lot more accessible and much more affordable.

    Musc Ravageur - I think of this as much more in the oriental family than really being musk. I get cinammon, amber and vanilla, with very soft musk lingering in the mix.

    Jovan Musk - My favorite cheapie musk. Has that sort of electric soap thing going on. The best musk of this type for me is Santa Maria Novella's Gold Musk.

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