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    Default YSL Rive Gauche Original or Intense?

    I've just looked in the past archives about this particular item. But as I didnt get the answer I was looking for I'll ask it again.

    Is there any great difference between the Rive Gauche homme and its Intense version? I have the the regular edt version and am tempted to try the Intense version.

    Thanks all!
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    Default Re: YSL Rive Gauche Original or Intense?

    I haven't tried the Intense version but I never found any reason to. The original is already strong IMO. I can't even imagine how much sillage the Intense would have.

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    Default Re: YSL Rive Gauche Original or Intense?

    I had a sample of the Intense a while back.

    I forgot about it and was straightening my room and I rounded up a bunch of assorted unmarked pipettes with juice in them. I picked up the one, and I could decide what I thought of it, it was SO familiar. Yet a bit different. A tad powdery and a cherry tobacco, reddish wood smell to it. Then I realized it was RGPH Intense. There aren't huge fluctuations between it and the original, but if you are a big fan of the original, you'll probably appreciate the Intense. Its not really that its so much "stronger", its just that different notes are accented, and the structure is constructed with a stronger base. More patchouli and clove.

    I need to get a bottle of this. Plus I think it comes in a glass bottle rather than the metal ones of the original, but I could be wrong.

    I'm curious about the Rive Gauche Light. I heard it was a waste of time, but I love the Rive Gauche concept and wouldn't mind getting them all.

    I've never gotten so many compliments on ANYTHING in my collection, as i have on Rive Gauche PH. I should wear it more. It pisses me off that I have hang ups because so many people on here bash it and compare it to stuff like Brut- And I think that people might think I'm some clueless moron wearing a drugstore aftershave. And I think that people ask me what I'm wearing, because they have a bet with themselves that I'll say "Brut". Yes, Rive Gauche walks a fine, fine line sometimes. But a wise man once said, "There's a very fine line between stupid and clever."

    But still, if one person thinks I'm wearing Brut, it kills me.

    That's not true but it eats at me. Hell, the first time i wore Rive Gauche PH out, two of my brother's friend's hot young sisters, were all over me, rubbing on me, hugging me, asking me what I was wearing. They asked if it was some Aveda stuff, and they said it was the best cologne they'd ever smelled. And these girls are not slouches. They're your typical high maintenance, stuck up rich girls, who read Cosmo and get hit on by professional athletes. There was no way in their minds that I was wearing something cheap or old-mannish. They thought what I was wearing was pretty cutting edge, and I do find Rive Gauche to be a bit avante garde. I do need to round up a bottle of the Intense. Great Fall scent.

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