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    I hate that i wasted my money on Herrera Chic, that shit doesnt last for more then 15 minutes!!
    I think i like Man Aubusson, experience?? Pretty long-lasting on me 9 hours now and still good shit.

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    Do you think women think the same stuff about men? :-?

    Edit: I was meaning in general...just a joke.

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    Dont you think women like man aubusson?

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    Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaat feedback!!

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    Poor Dave! It looks like you're not getting much luck in your frag collection. Well, looking at your drobe, it seems you have bought a lot of the most recent offerings which really fall flat. One advice here is Ignore the Marketing hype. Regarding Chic, don't worry the scent it there beyond 15 mins. Use more spritzes if you have to but it will last a couple of hours, though in my book that's not really good longevity either. I use it when i need a good pick me up scent that'll linger close to the skin.

    You seem to find orientals rather so-so, giving them 3 stars usually, but you like Man Aubusson, which tells me you like bold sillageous scents! Though i still have trouble figuring out where Chanel Allure Sport Homme fits into the scheme of things, but possibly under the mega-sillage category. Ok, this all means you would need to stop wasting your time on the recent crowd of short-lived, acqua-marine synthetic trash and get your nose to sniffing some classic scents. Seeing that you don't really have any classic and D&G PH got only one star while the lemony Masculine got 4, i'll recommend these classics which may suit your taste and will not be a problem sillage-wise.

    1. Sung Homme.
    2. Monsieur Carven.
    3. Kenzo Jungle.
    4. Escada PH.
    5. Laura Biagottie Venezia Uomo.
    6. Trussardi L'Uomo.
    7. Gucci Envy
    8. Laguna Homme by Dali.
    9. Jazz Prestige.
    10. Tuscany by Aramis.

    Sample them and get back with your impressions of these, which are hits and which are misses. I'm hoping i've got more hits than misses though.

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    Thanks Milamber!

    Very nice of you to take the time looking into my wardrobe and give me this recommendings!

    I can say this much, i do like scents smelling special and deep, mysterious, sexy and of corse, those i find good to my nose.

    Man Aubusson is one of those that my nose (or brain?) likes. :
    D&G Masculine is better to me then PH cuz i found PH smelling like a old man, someway like Old Spice mixed with the old Azzaro. I really hate does "Old-Man-scents" that my grandfather could have. F ex. Old Spice, Azzaro. Or does orientals that a sweaty arabic kebab baker can wear, Versace Man Fex.

    I really liked Fahrenheit, Le Male and Cool Water when they where new, now i cant wear them. Also Aqua Di Gio and Chanel Allure Sport, They are to me fresh, young and can be sexy. My nose like them!
    I also like Dior Higher, but that one doesnt last!

    Gucci Envy almost belongs to the category Arabic sweaty kebab mercedes diesel driving man.

    Sung Homme, Monsieur Carven, Laguna and Tuscany arent available here i suspect
    I havent found Kenzo Jungle here either, but im very curious to try that one. Also Jazz Prestige and maybe Diesel ++ ?

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