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    Default MPG sample error?

    I recently obtained some Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier samples from one of those websites where they're selling 5 sample for some bucks. I enjoyed most of the sample vials including Santal Noble. I had read great things about Parfum d'Habit, and I had been particularly looking forward to this what had been said to be a masterpiece, unfortunately to find out that the vial in the paper saying "Parfum d'Habit" did not smell like the descriptions at all. Where're patchouli, leather and vetiver? Seeing there's no fragrance name written on the vial per se, I knew it was a wrong vial in a wrong paper. Obvisouly, I did not get to find out what Parfum d'Habit smells like", but I'm just curious what cologne it actually was. It was very strong (usually, sample vials smell lighter than the real one, from my experience), and all I could smell was very strong ylang ylang. There was no iris in it, because if it there had been, it, in combination with ylang ylang, would have smelled like Chanel No.5. But it did not smell like No.5. It was just full of ylang ylang. Does anyone have any idea what's the name of this MPG fragrance?


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    Maybe its Eau des Iles. I know that MPG contains ylang ylang. Is it also spicy with a hint of coffee?

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    That's it! What a strong fragrance it was! Well, at least, I feel better now (not good enough, still not knowing what Parfum d'Habit smells like....). Anyway, thank you for the info!


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    Default Re: MPG sample error?

    i have eau des iles and LOVE it, but other than coffee, i dont detect anything, but then again, my sniifer aint that great. what is YLANG YLANG and can u describe its smell?


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    Default Re: MPG sample error?

    Ylang-ylang is kind of an über-floral smell: intensely sweet and heady, and apparently quite persistent. I believe it's derived from a flower (Cananga odorata) native to tropical or subtropical Southeast Asia; in aromatherapy terms, it's reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities. It's one of the elements that gives Chanel No. 5 its characteristic lingering sweetness. (Don't ask me how to pronounce it. I have absolutely no clue.)

    The Dawn Spencer Hurtwitz website has very accessible descriptions of individual notes which I find useful, since they are precise and nicely concrete; she gives specific and evocative examples, i.e.: honey/beeswax, fresh-cut stem).

    Also, I find the descriptions of her Beaux Arts line very tempting. I think there are more samples in my future.

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