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Thread: British Scents

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    Default British Scents

    I've been really enjoying a few British colognes lately and interested, as always, to hear what you guys think. A few nights ago I picked up a bottle of Jaguar original, and let me say, its amazing:

    The Basenotes pic:

    It starts off like One Man Show - only refined and perfected! Then dries down to an amazing light citrusy floral held up with tobacco basenotes not too dissimilar to Tabac original (to qualify this, Jaguar is NOTHING like Tabac). Overall 5 out of 5.

    While testing, it also reminded me of another amazing British scent released by Barbour, the clothing line. If anyone has the chance to scope this one out, I'd HIGHLY recommend it. Like the OMS/Jaguar comparison, Barbour is like Jaguar perfected - an amazingly classy and classic floral citrus.

    Then there's Asprey:

    Nice, but didn't do it for me like the others.

    Anyone else try these?

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    Default Re: British Scents

    Colognes that whisper sophistication.

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    Default Re: British Scents

    Check out Penhaligon's and Floris. Classy stuff!
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    Default Re: British Scents

    Of course Czech & Speake.

    Also Paul Smith.

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    Czech & Speake & the venerable Crown Pefumery
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    Ormonde Jayne fragrances are from London.
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    Default Re: British Scents

    Although it is blended in Italy, Hugh Parsons (Blue) is a wonderful example of a classic English man's scent. I can wear it day after day and not tire of it. It's in my top five at this time!

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    I've always wondered what Jaguar smelled like. *The notes look real good:

    Top notes: Anise oil, Basil oil, Grapefruit, Green Note, Lavender, Mandarin
    Heart notes: Carnation, Cinnamon, Cyclamen, Fern, Geranium, Jasmin, Mace, Rose, Thyme
    Base notes: Amber, Leather, Moss, Patchouli, Sandal, Tonka, Vanilla

    (Amended to add the Basenotes pyramid, which is somewhat different):

    Top Notes: Grapefruit, Tangerine, Orange, Gardenia, Bergamot
    Heart Notes: Nutmeg, Cloves
    Base Notes: Amber, Tobacco, Leather, Sandalwood, Pine, Cedarwood, Patchouli

    I think I shied away from this one because I have an aversion to pine (love fir and spruce, though), but you didn't mention that you smelled the pine. Oh--and I shied away from it because de Charlus made it sound like it was all orange.

    My most British-smelling scents are Marquis by Crown and Spanish Leather by Truefitt & Hill, but I suppose my image of a really British scent as one with lavender, fern, light woods, and citrus--kind of distinguished and light--and I don't really have one like that.

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    Yvan, I think you'd likely love Jaguar given that. Dispire Naed_Nitram/De Charlus' review, Jaguar is really in no way a scent focused on any orange note - infact, it has an amazing natural citrus essense on the top, but really the focal point of the scent is the floral tobacco. A must try IMO.

    After my original post, I guess I should clarify, while Jaguar is totally in British style, the actual scent was made in Germany - Interestingly, and on a side note, this was also true with the Jaguar Series III and XJ40 model cars where many of the components (the ones that didn't break at least) came from Germany. ;D

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    Only British scent i own is Burberry Brit!
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    If you can find it ( and I had to go to Spain to find my bottle) Atkinson's English Lavender seems to me the epitome of the English Scent.

    I am also sampling various Trumpers and Crowns at the moment. Trumpers Sandalwood is becoming a favourite.

    Even Yardleys are worth a try - esp. English lavender and the Gentlemans Cologne.

    DR Harris Arlington is superb. Not unlike Habit Rouge.


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    Default Re: British Scents

    Let's not forget Clive Christian which bought Crown perfumeries a few years ago.

    CC's X is quite nice, edp and perfume strength. Quite complex and very longlasting.
    Also, 1872 is the other men's fragrance in their collection.
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    Default Re: British Scents

    No one's yet mentioned Dunhill? How can this be?

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    My favorite British scents are the older Penhaligons (like Blenheim Bouquet, Hamman Bouquet, English Fern) and some of the Crown Perfumery scents (esp. Sandringham and Marquis). I like the original Dunhill, too.

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    The original Dunhill, absolutely! To me, this has always been a fine English scent. I'd have to hand it to Trotsky though, Lavender of an kind and particularly Yardley is very British.

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    Default Re: British Scents

    Isn't Tuscany made in Britain?
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