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    Default Mouchir de Monsieur

    I have Jicky (EDT) and I love it, but have not tried Mouchir de Monsieur (MdM) yet. My curiousity for MdM is at a critical level recently. Like everyone does, I did some "search" on basenotes in order to obtain some info on MdM in association to Jicky.

    Some witnesses say....

    [1] MdM is a masculine version or a male equivalent of Jicky.

    [2] The famous civet note of Jicky is more prominent in its EDP version as compared to EDT.

    [3] The EDP version of Jicky, as opposed to EDT, is more concentrated and actually smells very similar to MdM

    For [1], I personally do not think Jicky is particularly feminine, and this info makes me wonder how they can masculinize Jicky... Obviously, Shalimar can be masculinized, To my nose, Chergui is a sister of Shalimar, and Angelique Encens (Creed) is their brother (+tobac note). Based on this, I wonder if MdM may smell like Jicky + tobac note????

    As for [2], This is very easy to understand. To my nose, civet sometimes smells like kind of bad breaths in EDT (Don't get me wrong. As I said above, I love Jicky!). Based on this , if this civet note is intensified (as in EDP), it may smell more like cats feces (sorry, I cannot find better analogy...) you can detect in Tabu parfum version? I do not have Jicky (EDP) and I have no idea, but this is my guess using logic...

    And [3]. Jicky (EDP) smells similar to MdM? ..... Or do they try to say, Jicky (EDP) smells closer to MdM than Jicky (EDT) is, in the sense that it has more civet? Does it mean, MdM (EDT) is more civet-ish than Jicky (EDT)? Or is it Jicky (EDP) is more masculine than Jicky (EDT), therefore smells closer to MdM?

    Will someone provide me some info?


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    Default Re: Mouchir de Monsieur

    It's hard to go into the details you seek right now, but I'll start the thinking out by saying Mouchoir is lighter than any of the Jickies, more airy than event the Jicky edt. It has lavender, but not the blast that Jicky edp does. It also doesn't have the deep base of civet that Jicky edp has, and feels a similar animal, but a different scent from the Jickies. I guess I said that already.

    What Mouchoir is like directly scentwise is almost Jicky elements with anise, or whatever licorice ingredient, added. I don't get the cat feces thing from any of these, and I get no floral qualities or comparable sweet qualities in Mochoir to any that you mention, Shalimar, Angelique Encens, or the others. Mouchoir is light and short lasting. I'd say it is further from Jicky edp than it is from the edt, but I really think one can get caught up too much in thinking it similar to those. Mouchoir is more of a sillage scent, even though it is light--you pick it up in aura rather than in snuggling, say. It is really provocative without being nasty or repugnant at all. It is masculine in a prep school scent way rather than a rodeo riding way.

    I can't do any better than this, I guess. You'll have to sniff it for your self. Very best luck, because the stuff is just a delight, believe me please.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Mouchir de Monsieur


    Thank you for your wonderful feedback. I guess I should buy a bottle someday.... :


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