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Thread: Decadence?

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    Default Decadence?

    Saw this at Marshall's for $14.99, but have never heard of it. Has anyone else? Thoughts?

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    This was released in the department stores about two years ago and did not sell very well. It is largely a synthetic mixture like a weaker Ocean Pacific. Not bad but nothing to write home about.

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    There were some open bottles of it at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago. Naturally, I tried it.

    I found it to be an invisible scent at first, turning only slightly soapy after a few minutes, and only when smelling up close. Way too subtle for my tastes, and I have no comment on the duration. If there was any siliage on this I couldn't tell.

    Usually I'm pretty ambivalent or guarded in making recommendations. Not this time: don't waste your money on this.
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    Decadence was originally a women's scent launched in the mid 80's by Parlux fragrances. The name was bought over by Von Berg Cosmetics not located in Nappa Valley. A new company.

    The only bought the name and created a totally new scent for women and also launched a men's counter part. The scent believe it or not was sold in Nordstrom. The bottle for the men is as tacky and cheep as hell.
    The bottle wears a neckless of bling..bling!

    The scent to me is very cloying and very long lasting. A year back a received a sample and for the heck of it wore and I thought it disappeared in about 20 mins. All day people kept asking me what terrible storng aftershave I was wearing. :-[

    I personally don't like it. I have a bottle if anyone wants it for a swap. Brand new!

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