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    Default Trump not selling good

    Looking down the isle of my Wal-Mart I noticed that Trump's new fragrance was already on clerance. We have not even had it that long. I've also seen bottles at discounters.

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    Default Re: Trump not selling good

    There's a reason why it's being pushed out of stores and into the deep discounters and Wal-Mart clearance racks of America.

    IT STINKS!!!
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    Default Re: Trump not selling good

    well, its completely disappeared around here - not even discounted - GONE. I wouldn't say it stinks really, it more just kind of sucked. It would have actually been good if he endorsed and released a real stinker though!! It was all a joke anyway. Now Trump's dress shirt line, I really like *8-)

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    Default Re: Trump not selling good

    I thought it was one of the best selling fragrances when it came out... :-?

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    Default Re: Trump not selling good

    It only recently started being sold down here. I can't say I was impressed.

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    Default Re: Trump not selling good

    OK, I'll be the lone dissenter on this thread. A coworker bought me a discounted bottle for my birthday. I do wear it occasionally, and it's no worse than AdG, Chrome, Unbound, Higher, etc. In fact, my GF--who's smelled everything I own--likes it quite a bit.
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    Default Re: Trump not selling good

    I hope you're right. My bottle is on the way! $11 off ebay.

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    Default Re: Trump not selling good

    I heard this fragrance does strange things to your hair... ;D
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    Default Re: Trump not selling good

    Trump tried to make this one of those power fragrances.It fell short ,plus smells like something which I cant place.He failed in this venture.

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    Default Re: Trump not selling good

    I have a Estee Lauder Outlet store where I live called The Company Store. They have tons of Trump there and last it was 50% the already clearence price.

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    Default Re: Trump not selling good

    It's not bad. Smells like a junior level executive, not the top- dog, very clean and fresh. But not at all distinctive.

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    Default Re: Trump not selling good

    I'm a free-market capitalist but I wouldn't buy anything with 'his' name on it >
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    Default Re: Trump not selling good

    I saw this liquid crap at Macys first and than it came here in Bermuda. Trump..stay with real estate...please....what is next Trump underwear??.....or my that out already?

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