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Thread: CdG Series 7

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    Default CdG Series 7

    I know the name only:-P

    Burnt Sugar, Spicy Cocoa, Wood Coffee, Nomad Tea, Sticky Cake. Very "tasty":-)))

    Excited ...... :-))))) CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    sounds like a killer gourmand line, will buy them for sure.

    gourmand 4 life!
    Current top 5:
    1. Puredistance M
    2. Kilian Apple Brandy
    3. Amouage Fate Man
    4. Andrea Maack Coven
    5. Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascese

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    I think the name of the series is "Sweet". CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    I heard someone said it's going to be "Food".

    Here's my associations with names (not that I actually smelled any of these CDGs)

    I doubt "nomad tea" could be sweet.
    In Russian "steppe" plains of Kalmykia and around you can likely be treated with a "nomad tea" which is actually strong green tea with milk, herbs and pure sheep's fat.
    It is EXTREMELY substantial but not everybody can stand the taste. Ê
    As my friend told me, something like that is widespread in Tibet but the fat is that of yak.

    I remember I've liked burnt sugar a lot back then in my childhood, and I can't say it's much of a sweet thing either.

    As for "wood coffee", in USSR in earlier Soviet times or, more likely, after the war, in 50s and on, there were an industrially manufactured food product called "acorn coffee" made on the base of oak acorns.
    Another ersatz-coffee was made out of chicory.
    Can't say much for the taste, they're long gone. Heard these actually contained a tiny bit of real coffee, "just for the smell of it".

    And I like a thick hot chocolate (the REAL one, not a soluble crap) with spices VERY MUCH! Yummy!
    Who's with me to nearest coffee shop? Ê;D ;D

    Regards, Odor.
    "One man's "cat piss" is another one's "masterpiece" (popular fragrance wisdom)

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    I think Serpent told us about this series several months ago and he said "Food". When I talked with peolple in the Guerrilla they called it "Sweet":-)

    I also talked with a woman from Comme and she said the perfumes are "traditional", complete opposite to the Synthetics. I remember she called the tea one sweet.

    The Spicy Cocoa is prob. with chilli:-))

    Thanks Odor for the explaination:-) I think I will fall for the Coffee and Burnt Sugar:-) CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    Wow, I've really been waiting for CdG news and here they are, thank you so much, Nqth!

    Can't wait to test this latest CdG quintet!
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    Aw, man, I can't wait to try these, especially Sticky Cake...

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    You are welcome, Tig:-) CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    okay, well i got some samples in the mail and figured i would just talk about them a little! 'cause i see this series isn't too popular around these parts but i actually . . well

    my favoriteof the three is BURNT SUGAR by far. very yum. . . and it has really good sillage too. the thing about this is it smells like something i would want to smell like, or something that i can see somebody smelling like sort of independently of having to actively put on perfume.

    SPICY COCOA is also pretty cool, and as the name suggests very spicy i don't get cocoa as much as i get sort of a cinnamon-ey, clove-y scent.

    STICKY CAKE is probably my least favorite but it also sort of smells "organic" which i like. oddly enough when i first smelled it, it smelled really floral to me! it doesn't smell like cake at all, but i can't really put my finger on what it does smell like.

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    You know, I was just looking at these at, and it seems Burnt Sugar earns the top honor, though some people think it's a bit femme.

    Does the name really imply the smell, or is it more than that?

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    Well, I am a girl, so for me whether it is femme or not is no problem. I think when you compare burnt sugar and spicy cocoa, burnt sugar does smell more like most women's fragrances, and spicy cocoa smells very masculine. I still think they're both basically unisex, however. Burnt sugar really does sort of smell like burnt sugar. It's hard to explain. It doesn't smell like caramel, really, or molasses, which is what burnt sugar actually is (or, that thick crud that is impossible to get off if you do't do it right) but when I smell it I do get that association.

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    Thanks lonefish, I'll look into it and possibly get some samples.

    I love the smell of caramel, the thing is I don't want to smell too sweet, as I am a guy. Maybe I should just stick to the earlier CdG offerings.

    But then again, the Sweet series isn't called that for nothing! ;D

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    IMO....Wood Coffee is the best.
    Burnt Sugar is OK....not fond of the others though.

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    Just wanted to say, I take it back that I don't really smell chocolate in Spicy Cocoa. I do smell chocolate, very obvious in fact. It just doesn't scream "chocolate", if that makes any sense.

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    I have now three of them: Wood Coffee (my favourite!), Burnt Sugar and Spicy Cocoa.

    The only on I didn't like is Sticky Cake.
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    I tried a sample of Wood Coffee and found it to be very similar to A-Men. I haven't given it a second try yet. Do those of you who own Wood Coffee find it to be an A-Men clone, or does it differ in the wearing?

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    Default Re: CdG Series 7

    I don't find much similarity between those two. Though both have coffee and patchouli notes, A*Men has lavender, peppermint, chocolate and tar notes, Wood Coffee ginger and curry notes.
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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