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    wow,what a deal,went down to the local target tonight,had to pass through the fragrance aisle,they had tuscany marked down to $ 6.98 for a 50ml,I thought it was a mistake but it rang up at $ 6.98
    also got kors for women $ 11.48 50ml,good stocking stuffer.

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    Thanks for the heads up. Great deal there. Where abouts are you located? I live in the western suburbs of Detroit Michigan. I wonder if its a local thing or if all the Target stores will have this incredible deal.

    Regarding another great deal to keep an eye out for, I picked up a gift set of Spark Seduction from JC Penny recently and am really impressed. I haven't cared for any of the Claiborne scents since the original. The gift set was $25 and it came with 1.7 edt, 1.7 spray aftershave, a 2.5 shower gel, and a 2.5 skin soother lotion. I read hear on BN that some think it smells like RL Romance Silver but what I get is that touch of Polo (Green) that seems to be in Silver. I dont get the floral of fruity notes that also seem to be in Silver.
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    Jeez that is a good deal.

    At Marshalls today, BTW, they have Jazz & Live Jazz. I don't recall the prices. I already have them both, but these two would be great for any newbie to have, IMHO. Live Jazz is particularly fantastic for the dog days of summer. Jazz is wonderful year round.
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    V de k thanks for the heads up. I've been looking for Live Jazz for quite some time.
    I was at a local Marshall's and a T.J. Maxx this past weekend and the picking were slim to nothing-at-all. I'll make it a point to check a few more. I hope the LJ isn't a local thing for your area.

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