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    Hi everyone,

    I was at a local pharmacy earlier today and as I was walking to the counter when I noticed the fragrance shelf had several of those 'knock offs' on it. I decided to spray some of the fahrenheit one imaginitavely named "Temperature". I squirted one spray from the tester onto my wrist and no more than five seconds a huge red mark appeared as did quite a strong burning sensation. It made me recall a similar experience I had about a year ago involving a scented towlette my mother had innocently given me which I wiped my face with and which resulted in a huge rash on my face and a trip to the doctor for a prescription for cortisone cream.

    I guessed I'm allergic to some ingredient in these two products. Does anyone know what ingredient might be causing this reaction? Has anyone had a similar experience? Is it just cheap fragrance products that I should steer clear of or do similar things happen with genuine designer and niche fragrances?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    What was the scent of the towelette?
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    Hi dcampen,

    Unfortunatley, all I can remember is it was in a green and white package. Not much help I'm afraid.

    I guess from now on I'll just be more careful with what I put on.



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    IIRC, many cheap knockoffs have BUTANE in them. Yup...the same butane used when you flick your Bic.

    My advice...steer clear from knockoffs.
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    Could also be cheap grade alcohol. Perfumers alcohol, from what I understand, isn't cheap stuff - a cheaper grade, possibly the same in the towelette doesn't agree with you. But, I guess, all things considered, as MFfan310 said it best - I'd steer clear of the cheapies :P

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    Thanks for the info fellas.

    From now on it's quality all the way.


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