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    Hi everyone,

    Just introducing myself and saying howdy to everyone. *The scents I use on a daily basis are or have owned but no longer wear:
    Essenza Di Zegna...smells like Christmas, not too bad for winter time
    Givenchy Pour Homme(maroon bottle) of my favs
    Givenchy Xeryus Rouge...very strong for an EDT but I still like it
    Hanae Mori EDP...I call this one Eau de Froot Loops...still get lots of compliments
    Fresh Men...take a shower then pour a bottle of squirt or fresca on you...same thing
    Jaipur Boucheron of my all time favs, nice scent
    Crave...a little too orangey for me...yuk
    Rochas...not too bad, but forgettable
    Magnetism...also very strong for an EDT, smells like grape baby powder...yuk
    Le Male...a combination of Eau de cherry coke and vanilla coke...gets old real quick

    A little while ago I started trying samples of higher end scents because I got bored with department store stuff. *I sampled most of Creed, L'Artisan, Serge Lutens etc..
    So far my tops are, what a scent, unlike anything I have ever smelled before
    Mure et Musc Extreme...couls use a smidge more blackberry but again very nice
    Ambre Extreme...very nice scent
    Anana's Fizz...only in summertime
    Iris Noble...not as strong as Bois D'Iris but to my liking...a nice spring time scent.
    Premeir Figuier Extreme...this is a nice scent, hard to explain in my own words yet

    Well that's it for now, hope this gives you a good idea of myself at least as far as scents go anyways

    Oh yeah and for future girlfriends of mine, hopefully they will be wearing Fleur de the rose Bulgare, Ce Soir ou Jamais or quest for the perfect rose scents still continues. *Havent tried Or et Noir yet though.

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    Welcome to the site, Noseorgy! Great list and experimentation you've made. I'm glad you're here and I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts smelling other stuff out there.
    Welcome to Basenotes,
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Thanks for the reply, I am ordering the following samples
    Creed...Neroli Sauvage, Citrus Bigarrade, Royal Delight, Tabarome(new), Fleurs de Bulgare...even though I haven't liked much Creed that I've smelled.
    Frederic Malle...En Passant
    L'Artisan...DZING!, Bois Farine
    Montale...Aoud Rose Petals
    That's only 11, I usually get 15-16, any suggestions?

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    Welcome Noseorgy! I like the comment about future girlfriends - is that how you select them? Do you dump them if they wear the wrong scent? My wife never wears the stuff I like

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    Naw I'm not that picky...but I have been know to secretly spray their clothes with my fav rose scents...they don;t like that too much. I would never dump a girl over her perfume, however if she would like me to get extrememly ravenous and wild (more so than usual at least ) than once in awhile wear something I like.

    There's got to be something you both like, there is so much out there

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    Welcome aboard, Noseorgy! Try Body Kouros if you like Jaipur. Not quite as powdery, and definitely a lady-killer frag.

    I see that you have Mure et Musc. Try Xeryus if you're looking for something with a berry note.
    MisterK / Vicomte de K / K
    Ephemeral Top 5: YSL PH HC, Worth PH, Equipage, Monsieur Rochas HC, Acqua di Gio

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    Ah yes, I have YSL's Body Kouros, forgot to list it dang is a nice scent and I wear it on occasion. Xeryus as in Givenchy? don't think I have smelled that one. How different is it from the Rouge?

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    Traveller, there is no path. You make the path as you walk. -- A. Machado[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noseorgy
    Ah yes, I have YSL's Body Kouros, forgot to list it dang is a nice scent and I wear it on occasion. *Xeryus as in Givenchy? don't think I have smelled that one. *How different is it from the Rouge?
    Xeryus (the original one) is very different from Xeryus Rouge. Xeryus Rouge is a pretty sweet scent, not particularly to my taste, but good. If you were looking for a better version of Dunhill Desire, I'd recommend that.

    Xeryus is a dark, fresh scent. There are not too many like that... maybe Paco Rabanne or The Baron. It starts off with the berries, then the lavender comes in. In the drydown, I find a creamy sandalwood note comes out. There isn't anything like it.

    I should add that I've looked through the notes on and on Basenotes and I don't see a blackberry note, but there is a juniper berry note. Personally, I still think the berry note is akin to Mure et Musc. But YMMV.
    MisterK / Vicomte de K / K
    Ephemeral Top 5: YSL PH HC, Worth PH, Equipage, Monsieur Rochas HC, Acqua di Gio

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    Welcome, Noseorgy! Jaipur Homme EdP, Hanae Mori and Xeryus Rouge are some of my favourite fragrances also. I recommend Ultraviolet Man, Baldessarini and Lolita Lempicka au masculin.

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    A little off topic but does anyone know where I can get a full bottle of Chergui?
    I can get 1oz for $104 but if I was to do that I might as well get the whole dang thing. I know it is only sold in France.

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