It may be a bit too early, but dose anyone add scents to your Christmas/Seasons Greeting cards? I do. I understand that the drydown on paper smells interestingly different from the one on our skin (and this is why we need to test drive colognes on our skin before buying it after smellng from sprayed paper. Right?) Three magicians here are oakmoss, patchouli and sandalwood, IMO. They last quite long and actually change in time on paper. When I was at college (in Tokyo), I used to spray Mitsouko on all the greeting cards (for my friends in US) before I put them into an envelope. Mitsouko is a tough one to wear obvisouly (even for a woman), but it's one of the best card fragrances. By the time they open my cards, Mithouko has altered into something very very Japanese. I honestly don't know what it is. It may be the combination of oakmoss and ambergris.... It's a mystery. It truly smells like Japanese incense with all the elegant oriental woody notes. If you're looking for a beautiful Asian scent for your Christmas card this year, I recommend you give Mitsouko a try. You won't regret.... ;D