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Thread: Visit and Dzing

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    I've been wearing Dzing pretty often this past week and i just sprayed a bit of Azzaro visit on a piece of cardboard to see how it measured up against Dzing for my SOTE, and there is a very similar note in the topnotes of these two. Side by side it was eerie. They are completely different fragrances, I dont feel like they really have much in common at all, but there is a striking similarity in the opening of visit (cedar maybe) and the opening of Dzing (sawdust note?)..Check it out!
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    Yep, I agree. There's a dry, woody note in both. Completely different creatures, but the cedar/blond wood is similar.

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    Ok, I was intrigued this morning when I read this so when I got out of work I went into a perfume shop just to check it out And yes, there's a resemblance, that "sawdust" note, but Visit lacks the complexity of Dzing!, so I guess I'll stick with it.
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