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    Default Just got my Beautyhabit 25% off order ...

    Ordered PdN's Carrie de' As blind with the 25% discount offer. Very nice ... very herbal. I was worried since I didn't like any of the other 5 PdN's I sampled over time ... including New York. This will be a very nice addition to my daytime/work scents.

    As far as the "free full-sized" gift ... it's really just a bunch of crap. I figured as much, but the 25% off was good enough. There's some kind of creme that says "Douce me" (I really hope this has nothing to do with douching ..). Also, a small vial of face night cream, a packet of foot gel, a packet of clarifying mask, and a couple sample vials of cologne.

    Did everyone else get the same?

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    Default Re: Just got my Beautyhabit 25% off order ...

    Won't know until the b/o'd SN arrives :-?
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