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    Default Hermès - Eau des Merveilles

    Oh how I love this one! I've gone through the samples I recieved waaay too quick!

    I want to see a few other views on this one, because I just can't pinpoint it down to much. I get some orange and citrus notes in here, and something dark and creamy. That creamy and slightly buttrey feeling is what I love the most about this one, but I just can't make out what it might be.

    It seems like others have a hard time deciphering this one as well.

    perfumebay says: Eau des Merveilles (French for Water of Wonders) is a refreshing, sweet and light floral-based fragrance. Classic, delicate and fresh for the modern woman.

    escentual on the other hand says: Unlike most fragrances, which traditionally only reveal woody and ambery notes at their base, Eau des Merveilles’ are noticeable throughout. And it has almost no floral notes

    I can't find any flowers either... I really don't know what perfumebay has smelled, but it sounds far from Eau des Merveilles.

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    Default Re: Hermès - Eau des Merveilles

    My sister wears this and it is magnificent! I would wear it myself if I weren't around her so often. Like you, I don't get any floral notes when I smell it. The notes that I can detect are spicey citrus, wood, and something that is awfully like tobacco although i'm not sure tobacco is in it. A truly wonderful fragrance!

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    Default Re: Hermès - Eau des Merveilles

    I do have this scent.....A wonderful scent indeed.

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    Default Re: Hermès - Eau des Merveilles

    I remember some said Eau de Merveilles was remarkable in the sense that they did not use any floral ingredients yet created a beautiful "floral" fragrance for women. I'm not sure if it's truly true, because I may smell a touch of white flowers somewhere in there. You can point out some citrus, fruits and woods, but to my nose, the obvious are some kind of sweet tobacco (?) and transparent pepper. This pepper is not spicy or sweet. According to the info I obtained from Bois de Jasmin, it's a kind of pepper called Indonesian pepper and pink papper (I don't know which one is the one I'm talking about...). If you've ever been to Japan and tried a cup of ramen noodle, this pepper smells exactly like the "kosho" (=whitish pepper powders) you use for ramen noodle (help me explain, Marlen!). It almost makes you want to sneeze. It appears to help giving a "volume" to the fragrance as well. If you like the transparent papper note of Isfahan (Ormonde Jayne), you will like the pepper note in Eau de Merveille. In a sense, more wearable than Isfahan, IMO. Parfum de Merveilles should be available this fall (according to Bois de Jasmin). *


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    Default Re: Hermès - Eau des Merveilles

    Parfum you say? Wow... I've never encountered a long lasting EdT like this one before. Not even EdPs. Bandit maybe... I just can't believe it. I can feel it on the spot where I've sprayed it once after a whole day of work and a shower.

    I used up the sample and wore it to work today. A sweet girl I was walking close to came over after she had been around me for a while and said "Martin, it is always such a treat to come and work where you've been..." leaving it open as kind of a question. So I filled in "because I always keep it neat and tidy around me..?". The reply was no to that and the answer was "because you always smell so good". I lived on that comment all day today.

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