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    Default Perfume News from the Experts: Star Magazine!

    OK, so you gotta do something on the treadmill at the gym, and since I get dizzy watching TV, I look for something to read...usually something scholarly, like People or Star. Boy, did I score tonight!

    In addition to learning that Nick and Jessica are only staying together for business (no kidding!); that Paris was sleeping with some jackass Greek shipping heir (another one) WHILE HE WAS MARY KATE'S BOYFRIEND!!--that shameless hussy!!; that Marcia Cross of Desperate Housewifes is really a bitch on wheels in real life (surprise!) and that this person named "Jen" (lol!) really is dating the repulsively fat Vince Vaughan, despite their reps' denials (DOO!), and...

    Wait, I digress!

    Here's the perfume news. NYC is having "Fragrance Week" from October 17th-22nd, with a donation to be made to the New York Restoration Project. It's sponsored by Este Lauder, Aramis, Avon, Bond No.9, Perfumania, Sephora, Time Warner, Vogue, Liz Claiborne, etc., etc. The event reads like a combination of sales, exhibits, introduction of new scents, etc. One seminar that sounded kinda interesting was titled "The World's Leading Perfumers Up Close and Personal" at the Trump Tower, but the fine print states that these
    perfumers are from International Flavors and Fragrances Inc (what do they make?) and instead of MEETING them, you will be able to see their PORTRAITS by some artist, and then you will be able to sample a frag that each perfumer created for him or herself!

    Maybe our NYC B'noters can provide a report from the field.

    Now, here's the best part...with all of the new fall fragrances's SO confusing....what's a gal to do? Why, don't worry your pretty little head--the Star has picked out the best for you!

    First is the news that internationally known slut Paris Hilton is...are you ready?...drumroll, please...INTRODUCING A NEW FRAGRANCE! It's to be called "Just Me by Paris Hilton:"(YES!) and, now, you too can "smell like a heiress!" Funny, that's not the first association I made...

    Now, by category, is the best of the best:

    "Sexy" = Soul by Curve

    "Glamorous" = Precious Jewel by Ashanti

    "Fruity" = MIss Dior Cherie

    "Exotic" = McQueen by Alexander McQueen (hmmm....this one may actually be worth checking out, for Kingdom lovers like me..."Its creamy vanilla notes smell simple at first, but then patchouli notes emerge to spice it up."...on second thought...)

    "Fresh" = Shania by Stetson (I'm not making this up).

    "Provocative" = Britney Spears Fantasy

    "Seductive" = All My Children Fusion, selling for $12.00 bucks a pop at finer Wal-Marts near you (again, I COULDN'T make this up!)

    "Sugary" = Sugar Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by Sugar Cosmetics (why, oh why haven't we heard of this distinguished house??)

    "Sweet" = Avon Extraordinary

    "Energizing" = Live Jennifer Lopez

    "Floral" = American Beauty Wonderful

    "Feminine" = Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker

    "Sophisticated" = Calvin Klein ("Cutting edge but still elegant.&quot

    "Crisp" = Guess for Women

    So, there you are! And you thought YOU knew perfume! ahahaha!!

    Yeah, I know it's too easy, but who can resist?

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    Default Re: Perfume News from the Experts: Star Magazine!

    ;D ;D ;D LOL ;D ;D ;D
    Currently wearing: Omnia Paraiba by Bulgari

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    Default Re: Perfume News from the Experts: Star Magazine!

    I think we're missing the key point here - how do you read on the treadmill?

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    Default Re: Perfume News from the Experts: Star Magazine!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dante
    I think we're missing the key point here - how do you read on the treadmill?
    He said he was "on" the treadmill. Yup, i'm afraid it's true Ballard, you actually gotta do some running for the treadmill to have any effect!

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    Default Re: Perfume News from the Experts: Star Magazine!

    Damn. Busted!

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