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    Am I really the only one here that likes KenzoAir? I very rarely see it mentioned here. It's not very complex but I think it's a really nice, fresh fragrance on days that aren't too warm. I haven't really smelled anything like it. Maybe people get scared by the first couple of minutes because anise+alcohol smells like Ouzo and really knocks you in the head... If I had to describe the first couple minutes it would be something like "the breath of an alcoholic"... BUT it then starts to "behave" and stick closer to the skin yet it still has the very nice smell of anise/liquorice and probably some other stuff I'm unable to put a name on.

    Anybody else likes it and is there anything similar out there?

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    It is one of my favorite summer scents. I love the vetiver note! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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    I love it as well. Would like to try the intense version. It is one of few of my many, many scents that gets a compliment.

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    Tried the Intense version today..very good!

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    Hmm, that's funny because I've never noticed anybody else wearing it here so I thought that maybe I was just weird liking it. I've never heard anybody talking about it, seen anybody buy it or smelled anybody using it. Which is somehow a good thing though as I don't want to wear the same as everybody else.

    I'm not very good at recognizing the notes yet... I guess the anise is what gives me the smell of liquorice. Could Vetiver be the smell "below" the anise that reminds me of a hot day at the beach?

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    I have sampled it twice and every time the smell disappeared some SECONDS after the liquid leaved the bottle...
    Is Lolita Lempicka somehow similar to KenzoAir ?
    It's never too late to mend.


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    Last summer it was all the rage here. I like it as the top notes resemble Guerlain's Vetiver without the awful drydown.

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    I kinda like it .... but longevity is definitely an issue with this one ... as with most Kenzo's. I sampled it more than once (even the intense) and it was gone within a half hour.

    Another Kenzo ... Kenzo Jungle ... I own but rarely wear it because of poor longevity.

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    Great scent, poor staying power -- maybe it would last longer layered with the shower gel. I'm always tempted to get a bottle, but I think I'd use it all within a week or two. The same thing happened when I got my first bottle of L'eau par Kenzo pour Homme... loved the scent, but had to keep applying it every hour or two. Interestingly, regular Kenzo PH seems to last OK on me.

    I tried the Kenzoair intense and thought it smelled a bit too different from the regular strenght (not as fresh)...


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    It's funny because i almost started a thread about kenzoAir today.

    When i found it, it was my holy grail because it smelled exactly like an imaginary scent I had pictured in my head for a while. i had found it!

    However something horrible happened last night. I was at work, and I am sick (so most scents irritate me right now). But this guy was wearing KenzoAir, and I just HATED it on him. Granted I was sick, but I just couldn't stand it on another person. Everything about it seemed so "turned around"and backwards, smelling it from my perspective.

    So I wondered if there are scents that we love on ourselves but hate on others. And I'm not talking about skin chemistry or any of that. I love KenzoAir, but just encountering it on some dude in a didn't make a good impression. I'm hoping it was just because I was sick, but this phenomenon happens occasionally. I like a scent, but hate it when somebody is wearing it.

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    KenzoAir's new offering, Intense, is a bit acrid to my nose - almost too much so. Like someone who's been drinking Pastis all night. On the other hand, it last easily for 24 hours whereas the shower gel (I have the regular from a few years ago, along with the after shave cream and deo) is very milky and soft in its approach.

    I don't know that I would go back a couple of years to this one, but let it be said that I have seldom garnered as much enthusiasm as with KenzoAir, to the point where someone followed me all the way down the hallway at work last year, hollering that she had never experienced a scent as delicious.

    Highly recommended, in any strength. Basic, straightforward, very zen, very, very nice.

    If it weren't for my new love, Dior Homme, I might get another bottle of Kenzo. Incidentally, please do not compare KA to Jungle which is not for the faint of heart. My workmates begged me to stop wearing it as it made them tear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariodefior
    KenzoAir's new offering, Intense, is a bit acrid to my nose - almost too much so. Like someone who's been drinking Pastis all night.
    Sounds like they really improved longetivity... With the EdT longetivity seems very random on my skin - sometimes it seems gone in an hour and other times it lasts all day. Also sounds like the intense version stays like the way the EdT is in the first 2-5 minutes? I think the EdT is very very "sharp" in the beginning but mellows down to a much more pleasant, "fresh" scent. Does the intense version also evolve this way or does it stay "sharp"?

    I'm not sure the intense version is available here though. Have to go look for it in the stores some day. :-/

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    Where were you guys a couple of months back when i was adamantly stating the poor longevity of this scent! ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by milamber
    Where were you guys a couple of months back when i was adamantly stating the poor longevity of this scent! ;D
    Months ago I wasn't even on basenotes yet. I remember having a lot more money back then though. ;D

    KenzoAir was actually what got me started on this whole thing. Back then I only really knew about Le Male, Boss scents and Lacoste scents... stuff like that... then I tried KenzoAir and I was really surprised about how well it smelled. I think what made me buy it was that I could actually identify that it smelled like anise/liquorice. Everything else just smelled "like perfume". I then tried other scents from Kenzo and hit L'eau Par. Citrus and "ozone" - reminded me a lot of the air when skiing in the mountains. Had to get that one too. My next buy will be Bulgari Black because I really like that smell of rubber and vanilla.

    Only exception has been Magnetism as I (still) have no idea why I like it. I must relate it to something I like the smell of but I don't remember what it is.

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    Some time ago I posted a thread about a very bad experience with Kenzo Air. I applied a lot of it, thought it had disappeared completely ten minutes later and used Un Jardin sur le Nil instead (of course without washing the Kenzo off). Two hours later, Kenzo Air came back and it was horrible. Two good scents, completely ruined, just because one moron's nose wasn't trustworthy at 7 a.m.

    However, two weeks ago, I had a terrible headache, but I had to go to work and leaving the house without any scent at all is not an option for me. So I went for Kenzo Air (usually, Guerlains Vetiver is my scent of choice for headache days, vetiver seems to help me to stand the migraine). And somehow the scent eased my headache, helped me to think clearly.

    Longevity IS an issue with this one, because it's totally unpredictable. Two minutes after applying it's gone and hours later it comes back with a bang. Is it skin chemistry? Body warmth? Just my imagination?
    Kenzo Air is a strange scent. I really like the Gin Tonic opening (or Pastis, or Ouzo, I'm not a big drinker), and the drydown (if it's noticeable) is unconventional and clean in an unusual way. I'd like to try the Intense version.

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    Someone mentioned this scent had similar top notes to Guerlain's Vetiver. Does anyone else see a relation? I tried this and loved it, and I almost bought Vetiver blind, but didn't, now I'm having second thoughts.

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