OK, so I survived the testosterone blitz of Mazzolari Lui (but needed a day to recover). Today, I gave Mazzolari Lei a try [ch8230] the two, to put it mildly, are worlds apart.

According to the retailer[ch8217]s website, it[ch8217]s got the following notes: Citrus notes, Calabrian bergamot, patchouli, cocoa, labdanum, musk, vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver.

Of the three Mazzolaris I[ch8217]ve tried so far, this one is the most linear; not changing too much as it dries down. The musk is the pillar that the other notes play off of, and it[ch8217]s a very comfortable, clean musk, with quite a lot of presence. Although not listed, there are definitely some florals: a powdery rose being the most prominent. I couldn[ch8217]t detect much in the way of sandalwood or vetiver. Longevity is quite good at a solid five hours.

Upon application, the citrus notes work very nice with the musk, making it feel as if this would work as well in moderately warm weather as it would in cooler months. The note that ends up stealing the scene is the cocoa, which indeed is very nice, very unusual: not too sweet, foody or heavy and ends up lasting a good long time, it melds very nicely with the vanilla note. All these notes remain very well delineated: the citrus (for as long as it lasts) and other florals at top, the musk and powdery rose in the middle and the cocoa and vanilla anchoring the whole thing.

The fragrance that immediately came to mind while testing Lei is LV Musk. The LV is certainly more masculine: probably not a few would find Lei a bit too feminine. Lei[ch8217]s still got a few things in its favor though: it[ch8217]s more complex than the LV, the musk in Lei is more prominent and stays around for quite awhile longer than in the LV, and last (and possibly most importantly) its base of cocoa and vanilla is a bit more interesting than LV[ch8217]s Tonka bean drydown (which sometimes strikes me as being on the thin, flat side.)

All in all, another original scent well worth trying, although I think I[ch8217]ll be sticking with LV Musk.