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    Default so I obtained a small refrigerator...

    Hi guys,

    Saturday I got a small fridge from a friend of mine who had it standing in the way. I cleaned it, plugged it in and switched it to 'least cold'. The temperature and darkness should do the trick but I'm afraid it might be a bit moist. I don't think the original paper packaging would survive so I'm not sure if it's healthy for the bottles themselves. How do you solve this problem, because it's just the nature of a fridge to be moist :-/

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    Default Re: so I obtained a small refrigerator...

    I've stored my whole collection for months in their original boxes in my big household fridge, which I use for fragrance only. Never had a problem. Since almost two months I store the bottles alone because of the easier access.

    At the moment I'm considering storing the bottles on shelves again though. Winter's ahead and it's getting cold outside here. The fridge was aquired mostly, because of the heat in my room I have to deal with during the summer months.

    I agree storing the bottles on shelves is much better in terms of looking at them and having them around you ....

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    Default Re: so I obtained a small refrigerator...


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    Default Re: so I obtained a small refrigerator...

    I didn't know y'all 'cool' your frags *Just another correlation with cigars and cigar smokers. *I keep my boxes of Cuban cigars in a Haier Wine Cooler which has a temperature control that will operate from 65 degrees F down to about 60 F. *We keep our cigars "below 70F" to prevent beetle infestation but we are even more concerned with the RH; *too high=soggy tobacco, too low=dry, split cigars.

    For info on the best way to control RH, read this link but especially the first post. Those beads really do work.

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    Default Re: so I obtained a small refrigerator...

    Hello Noters'

    Yes..... I will take my frags out of the fridge as the weather cools here a bit, my house gets like a furnace here as well in the summer months. I cannot handle a lot of air conditioning.

    I believe that there is a product like damp rid that would do the trick...I just cannot remember the name of keep checking for you.


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