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    Default What about FO (Fruity Oriental)?

    One of the fragrance categories I truly start to enjoy this season (towards winter) is "oriental". And the autumn is a season of harvest. I am dying for something oriental with some non-citrus fruit notes in it. One of my favorites this season is Anteus (Chanel). Its base is obvious ambery leather, but what appears to make it more appealing is some mysterious fruit note in its top/middle. I don't know what it is. I can tell this fruity note is not one of those ordinary fresh citrus or cutie peach note. Well, whatever it is, it seems to make this otherwise sweet-leathery oriental smelling very exotic and irresistible. I don't know if there's such word, but I decided to call this kind of fragrance "Fruity Oriental " (as opposed to those ordinary orientals with a usual lemon/bergamot/orange top). I believe that the synergistic actions between unique fruits and sweet/spicy oriental base can be truly irresitible. Do you know any other fruity orientals? *Thanks for your info! *;D

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    Default Re: What about FO (Fruity Oriental)?

    I believe Laguna Homme is what you're looking for. Fruity notes with vanilla.

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    Default Re: What about FO (Fruity Oriental)?

    Or Royal Bain de Caron, a classic!

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    Default Re: What about FO (Fruity Oriental)?

    Well, If you do not mind wearing female scents, you should try Roma by Laura Biagiotti: top notes of black currant buds with grapefruit and mint, classic floral heart of Rose and Jasmine with an oriental base of civet and vanilla. The overall efect of the fragrance to me and my friends is a sort of GUAVA YOGURT very popular in Ceará, Brazil! Sensual, sexy and very Fruity Oriental as you say!

    With Poison by Dior you get coriander with black berries with a base of honey and opoponax = Grape like scent.

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    Default Re: What about FO (Fruity Oriental)?

    I like Antaeus very much! It has a kind of magic!
    Very far from this, but really oriental-fruity, I can suggest you to try SL Fumerie Turque which is built around a particular smoky tobacco note with a touch of rose and fruity notes in the middle. The drydown is smoky, woody, a little bit leathery too. To me it's suited for both genders. Even it's quite hard to find (it's part of the SL parisian boutique collection) it's really luscious! A Sherazade tale in a bottle!

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    Default Re: What about FO (Fruity Oriental)?

    While your trying Fumerie Turque - an excellent suggestion, I detect a cherry note in there - you should also try Arabie and Chergui from Serge Lutens. Arabie is available in the export range and and is loaded with non-citric fruit notes.

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    Default Re: What about FO (Fruity Oriental)?

    Arabie, Chergui, ... Good suggestions, Baron!
    Also you made come to my mind SL Rahat Loukum and Keiko Mechery Loukum. They're both sweet of sugar and candy cherry, spicy of cinnamom and fennel seeds, aromatic of bitter almonds. Almost edible... I don't think they are not what Vibrant Violet is looking for but it's worth the mention of this two very original fruity oriental!

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    Default Re: What about FO (Fruity Oriental)?

    I would suggest Laguna but the fruity topnotes are somewhat abstract. They're not dominant and only last for the first hour. This is on my skin at least.

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