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    Default Kenneth Cole New York Men

    Hi. I was reading the reviews here at Basenotes regarding this fragrance. I like it, and so does my girlfriend. Would one classify this as fruity? It smells so to me. Does anyone have an idea of the fragrance notes in this?

    One or two of the reviews states that it smells very similar to many other fragrances. Can someone give me some suggestions about this? I think one may compare it to Davidoff Echo and CK Truth. What do you think?

    Ok, let me know your ideas please. Thanks.


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    Default Re: Kenneth Cole New York Men

    It's good, but nothing unique, seems like he took Reaction and made it more refined, which is actually a good thing. You could do worse and pick up something terrible, like DK Be Delicious! :P

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

    "Press trigger twice to release the strength of wood...the wantonness of vanilla...the sentiment of floral...the passion of spice!"

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    Default Re: Kenneth Cole New York Men

    I think it is spicy and woody. But when I put my nose close, I also pick up a slight floral scent, and a slight impression of baby powder.

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