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    Default Worth trying Baldessarini's?

    I saw some positive/negative comments about Baldessarini and Del Mar, and have been interested in finding out what they smell like. These are some of the comments I found on this website.

    Baldessarini ; ".....well-balanced blend of mint and ambery sweetness over a masculine tobacco base.....smells like crisp money." (by Wedge), ".....I like the bitter citrus opening that dries down to sweet tobacco. The mint adds a soothing pleasant note...." (by Richie23), ".....feels like Gucci Envy for a bit.... the raspberry abd the peach come to the surface....." (by Leo)

    Baldessarini Del Mar ; "easily surpasses numerous other acqua/water/fresh type of fragrance...." (by takeshi-seven), ".....has the attractive power of Acqua di Gio yet without any sour notes....." (by Mario Justiniani), "kind of boring really. Nothing that truly sets it apart from all the other classy frags....." (by rapture2)

    I know it's a subjective question which probably does not have a clear universal yes/no answer. But are these worth trying? Since I became one of the basenoters, I've been sniffing various different colognes, and nowadays, nothing really surprises me any more. And I feel my nose has been getting more and more picky. Most of the time, I obtain some small decants on ebay or buy a small bottle on some fragrance websites, just to be disappointed.

    Again, everyone has his own preference, and there's no such thing as universally good or bad colognes. But do you think these Baldessarini products are worth trying? Any kind of feedback would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Worth trying Baldessarini's?

    I haven't sampled Baldessarini's PH but I had a sample vial of Del Mar. I prefer Halston Unbound and KC Reaction over this one. If I recall correctly, it was similar to Essenza di Zegna. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Worth trying Baldessarini's?

    Short answer: Baldessarini. But better still: Baldessarini Concentree.

    Long answer:
    As you have no doubt noticed, the more scents you sniff, the more knowledgable your nose gets. For example, I am at a stage where I can easily appreciate the uniqueness of different fragrances and know which one will be a keeper.

    Interestingly though, I find that I'm no longer keen on fragrances that are made up of acquatic/ozonic notes. For that reason I will not purchase the Del Mar blind. Rather, I will tested first (see my reasons here: ).

    The acquatic/ozonic notes were interesting to me when they came out, because they were something new and I was naturally curious to experience them. However, as time goes by, I find myself gravitated more and more toward bolder, heavier fragrances (mostly classics).

    Baldessarini has got what it takes to be a true classic.

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    Default Re: Worth trying Baldessarini's?

    Baldessarini Del Mar ; "easily surpasses numerous other acqua/water/fresh type of fragrance...." (by takeshi-seven), ".....
    Isn't this damning with faint praise? It doesn't take much to surpass the numerous other boring, fresh/aqua scents ... and it is still _boring_.
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