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    Default 5 from Mazzolari: Part 2 -- Lui

    For day two of my tour through some of Mazzolari's scents, I've decided to put on Lui. I'd say it's safe to say that anyone searching for a powerhouse masculine scent won't be disappointed with this. Right away I'm reminded of two MPG's: Parfum d'Habit and Santal Noble. Parfum d'Habit due to Lui's primary notes (leather, patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood), and Santal Noble for it's exceedingly dense, dark heavy character.

    Just for fun, I had to spray some SN on my other arm, and I have to say, SN was transformed into something positively light and transparent in comparison with the Lui sitting there on my other arm! I suppose we've all (in our weaker moments!) had the experience of receiving a sample, spraying it on, and thinking that it's much lighter than it should be, and then wondering if somehow it had been diluted somewhere along the line; well NOT so with Lui, in fact it's got me thinking just the opposite: more along the lines that a damaged, leaking case of the stuff was left in some dark cellar somewhere where it was then allowed to slowly drip into an ancient oaken vat where, over months of neglect, all the alcohol evaporated and the oils slowly turned into a thick, resinous stew. What I'm trying to say here is that this stuff is DENSE! Spraying it on, my skin was momentarily blocked out by this dark, golden orange-brown elixir.

    Right upon application I'm hit with loads of leather, patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood. For the first hour the patchouli is the centerpiece and makes Lui seem like the "dark half" of Mazzolari's Patchouli fragrance. But whereas Patchouli is melded with loads of warm, spicy-sweet amber, Lui's patchouli is massively dark and almost bituminous. The leather adds to this effect, in that it smells like a leather that had been taken away from the tanner's after only half the processing had been done: it's got a very raw, rough animalistic feel to it. Underneath this thick stew is amber, but worlds away from any sweet, girly amber: there is a strong sense that it has been mated with a very animalistic musk; in fact, 9 hours after putting Lui on, the last thing that remains is a very faint musk not unlike the earthy musk found in SMN's version. To round out this very potent, complex mix, I'm also getting a bit of tobacco: much like some second-hand cigar smoke (adds a nice touch.)

    After two hours, a good deal of the patchouli and vetiver have dispersed making the overall effect much tamer and less pungent. The leather takes on a leaner, drier, somewhat more elegant and refined aspect, while the amber base finally completely reveals itself, not too sweet, and serves as a very nice foil for the leather. For the next four hours, I'm left with an excellent, very comfortable leather scent

    As with Mazzolari's Vetiver, I'm really blown away by the excellent quality of the ingredients that must have went into Lui. In fact, if it wasn't for the obvious excellence of these ingredients, Lui could have come out smelling like a mere throwback to powerhouse, scents of the 70's or 80's. Instead, it comes out smelling like the epitome of masculine scents. Overall, there's a kind of very rough-hewn elegance to Lui: think Paul Bunyan kicking back in an English gentleman's club, and you've got the picture!
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    Default Re: 5 from Mazzolari: Part 2 -- Lui

    All I remebered when I smelled a large sample of it, that it made me nausious and feel sick. Potent indeed. Went straight in the trashcan! *Never did that before with any fragrance, but it was an instant reaction. *Regreted it later though. *Never tried the other ones.
    Wonderfull and well written reviews Stoneskipper! Enjoyed reading them ,Thanks!

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    Default Re: 5 from Mazzolari: Part 2 -- Lui

    Felt the need to bump up this old thread because of this excellent review of probably my all-time favorite fragrance, Mazzolari Lui!
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    Default Re: 5 from Mazzolari: Part 2 -- Lui

    Yeah, Lui is a treasure! Excellent choice for the winter season.
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    Default Re: 5 from Mazzolari: Part 2 -- Lui

    Ah, the beast that is Lui! Two points come to mind.

    First, around Halloween I watched Interview With A Vampire once again. Of Lestat and Louie, in their dress and movement through the New Orleans area of long ago, I sense Lui. Dark. Damp. Vapid. There is no sunshine in this fragrance.

    Second, I liked it enough to grab a bottle. I cannot agree more with those that sense the similarities with Laura Tonatto RE. Both are musty musky patchouli behemouths. I've got a tola of Ajmal's Musk Gazelle AA, and for those that have smelled this, picture this as the musk element in the mix. I'm a fan of the edgier ones like Kouros, Cuba, MKK, etc., but this... this scent is different. Almost sad, in a way, like the character Louie in the movie. Incomplete. Morose. I think I like the idea this fragrance exists more than actually owning it. I rarely wear it as it never quite fits my mood and/or the event du jour, yet I don't think I'll ever part with it.
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    Default Re: 5 from Mazzolari: Part 2 -- Lui

    You know how sometimes you smell a great fragrance, but it's not really "you"? Well, Mazzolari Lui is definetly "me". This stuff just comes alive on my skin and does wonders to my psyche. It's not only its smell, but i can "feel" it too. Just when i think that i'm jaded after all these years, i spray this on and i'm reminded why i love cologne!
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